Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One For The Guys!

Fun fold masculine card
Finding fun fold ideas for cards for the guys in our lives can sometimes get a little challenging. I know you have probably seen this shirt pattern on other sites and maybe even made one for your guy too. Sometimes bringing something back can be refreshing! And I'm hoping that you find this one just different enough to want to try your hand at it.
Add a sales tag, a touch of faux stitching, button brads and a sentiment on the inside -
box it up (I wanted to add tissue paper to the box, but didn't have any)
and you have a masculine, fun card.
Material You Will Need:
You can make this shirt card several different sizes, as long as your paper is oblong.
I used a 10 x 12 sheet of paper
silver gel pen/marker
9 tiny red button brads
1 white eyelet
eyelet setter
red xtra fine tip marker (Bic Mark-It)
black cardstock for box, pocket, sales tag, box cover
white cardstock for embellishing box front
Sizzix Texture Boutique & Embossing folder
Cricut Machine and George and Basic Shapes cartridge
Decorative punch
white ribbon
glue runner
Imagination and creativity ;)

Shirt Folding Instructions: 

Chose patterned or plain paper, cut 10 x 12.
Keep the 2 x 10 inch strip


Fold paper over in half with right sides up, and crease.
Open, fold into center fold line, crease.
Repeat for other side.

Fold corners into first crease line - making triangles in corners.

At base of V fold and crease

Bring the inside corners to the outer edge of paper.
Bring top down, fold and crease...making sleeves.

Flip and fold edge over, this will make your collar
Fold top corner of collar
into center fold.

Cut white cardstock to fit into shirt and just above the collar, two smaller pieces to fit into sleeves so that they just past the sleeve a little (gives shirt a layered look).

Cut small square piece of white cardstock 1 inch x 1 inch, round corners on bottom, leaving top square to make pocket.

After inserting white cardstock to make layers,
using the 2 x 10 inch matching paper
make front fold for buttons.
Add pocket and button brads...
or no pocket, no buttons!
Since I like using faux stitching to a lot of my work, I would faux stitch with a marker on the shirt collar, wherever there would be stitching on a real shirt.

For the 'sales' tag, I used my Cricut George cartridge and cut out two tags, one larger, one slightly smaller and layered them together.
Used a white eyelet to pass the thread through to attach to the sleeve of the shirt.

Print a sentiment or stamp one on the inside of the shirt and you are well on your way to impress that certain someone in your life!

 Now for the Box! We all know that when you purchase a shirt as a gift, it comes in a box! So gather your cardstock, Crafter's Companion and let's make a box for our shirt!

Cut two pieces of cardstock 9 1/4 '' x 7 1/4 "

With your Crafter's Companion and the box scoreboard, make the lid by placing cardstock butted to the top and scoring on the second score line from the top on all four sides of your cardstock.

Then do the same with the second piece of cardstock but using the box base, and scoring on the second scoring line.

Fold your box lid and box base, glue your corners.

Embellish anyway you chose. I chose a white ribbon, using my Crafter's Companion ribbon helper ;) and glued on a snowflake.

Made a larger tag with my Cricut and George cartridge. Hand wrote 'happy birthday', used a tiny button brad to pin it to the box lid.

With left over white cardstock, I used an eyelet decorative punch on both sides of cardstock, passed it through my Sixxiz Embossing Boutique, faux stitched, placed three tiny button brads evenly across and attached it to the lid.

I also faux stitched the lid of the box with a silver gel pen to make it pop out!

Now I would of really liked to have some tissue paper to lay on the bottom of the box before placing the shirt in it, but unfortunately, I did not have any in the house.

Hope you have fun making your shirt project, until next time,

Happy Crafting,
from Nanny Donna

Boxed Mini Albums

Gift Set

Oh so pretty in pink!
 Still playing around with those darn little mini albums...can't help myself, at this time of the year it's always nice to have a few extra little gifts on hand and I'm finding that these easy to make mini albums do up lovely.

With so many birthdays, anniversaries and being so close to Christmas, these little gems are great to have on hand. What mother, grandmother doesn't like to have some pictures handy to show their little darlings? We love nothing more than proudly showing what our little one's are up to and these books are perfect.

Add a little box to put the mini album in, add a ribbon and the wow factor is made! Nothing like a little imagination, creativity add hand made with someone in mind and you have a winner!

Materials for Box:

Card Stock
Pearls or other embellishments
Glue of your choice
Crafter's Companion
or score board of your choice

How To:

To make any box for your cards or albums, measure your album in length and width, then add two inches to both, length and width...if your mini album measures 4 5/8" x 3 2/8" , then you need two pieces of cardstock that measures 6 5/8" x 5 2/8".

Using your Crafter's Companion, score your lid and box base, using the second score line on both lid and base.

Follow instructions to make your box - add ribbon and pearls or whatever embellishment you like and now your mini album has become a boxed gift set.

You can find the instructions for the mini albums in my blog.

Hope you enjoy making these little gifts as much as the person receiving them...perhaps keep on for yourself ;)

Have a scrap-happy day,
Nanny Donna

Monday, November 5, 2012

Instructions for Fun Fold Mini Album ~ one page wonder!

Finally, Instructions for Mini Album, one page wonder!

Like I said in my earlier posts, I have found a really fun little mini album that is so easy to make and so many pockets! and so many different uses for it.
Since I don't do videos...yet, perhaps some day, I hope that I can write down the instructions in a way that is easy enough to goes!

Materials you will need:

One 12 x 12 double sided printed paper or you can also use two 12 x 12 coordinating paper and glue together to make double sided paper.

2 12 x 12 cardstock in coordinating colors or I used my scraps to make the embellishments, corner pockets and tags, tabs.

Brads, lace, embellishments of your choice.

Black extra fine marker for faux stitching.

Bling of your choice, stamps if you chose.

Dollar store twirly paper clips.

Glue of your choice.

Ribbon and brads, make your own buttons with a small circle punch, double the cardstock, use marker to shade and 4 dots for the button holes. Use markers to shade.


Take your 12 x 12 paper and fold in half.

Turn, and fold in half. So you just took your 12 x 12 sheet and folded in half lengthwise, turned and folded in half on the width...does this makes sense? Hope so.

When you have your paper opened, you will have four fold lines.

This would be your third fold.
Open sheet, and bring edge of paper to first or closes fold line (not the center one). Now repeat to opposite side.
This is what you end up with!
Determine which side you want as the cover of your mini album...and place it with wrong side up.

Fold the outer corner into itself to make a triangle and repeat to all four corners.
Oops! I just noticed I turned my corners in wrong! You have to fold them to the inside! Sorry! 

You now have an oblong sheet with an upside down triangle at each end.

Flip and fold to center (with corner tabs folded to inside...sorry again!)
Keeping your paper folded in this manner, flip it over.

Bringing two ends together to form 'envelope'...just slide one end into the to the other.
Bring top of sheet to first fold, bringing the end into the center fold line.

Make sure to slide all the way into the corner of 'envelope'.
Next you fold or kind of roll the other end into the 'envelope' or upside down V, bringing the top of the opposite end into the corners of the top 'envelope'....hope I haven't lost you!

This is the inside of the mini. Just fold in half and Le Voila!
Now, fold your little mini album in the center fold and you should have a great little mini to embellish as you please!! I used small circle punch to cut out 1/2 circle to make it easy to 'grab' your tabs! You can also add pockets by adding scraps of left over paper or cardstock, placing half triangles, or whatever shape into corners or across page.
This is what it looks like if you place a tag in the front corner pocket...there is another one behind this one! It all depends on you!

Corner pockets, tabs, and tags:

If you wish to make a corner pocket on the inside of the mini, I used left over corners from my paper and fitted them into the corners or used a strip of left over cardstock to make a 'belt' to hold the tag.

Pull out tabs: cut 10  4 3/8"  x 3 " tabs or as many as you need, depending on the number of inside pockets you make.

If you are using a Cricut, you can cut them out in no time adjusting the sizes accordingly.

Let your imagination fly with this wonderful little mini. I do hope I didn't confuse the heck out of you but if I did, drop me a line and I'll try to walk you through it better!

Certainly not one of my better instructions and pics, but for the moment I hope it gives you an idea of how to make these fun little minis that pack a big punch! Better days ahead!

Hope you having a healthy, happy, creative day,
From Nanny Donna's Corner.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Mini Album

Help! I have it bad!! I can't stop making these wonderful little mini albums!! So many ways of dressing them up! This one I made with Halloween colors...great for those snapshots of the children, grandchildren or even our pets! or both!! lol

Halloween Mini Album...with a little bling :)

A little faux stitching, ribbon, bling...scalloped edging ;)

Tabs, tags, fold and flip!

Made my tabs with my little Cricut!
Love, Love, Love my Cricut!

I promise to sit down and write up the instructions and material you will need to make these. They are so simple to make and your imagination is your limit!
You can make these little mini albums with just a ruler and paper cutter, or if you have a Cricut, you can easily make your pull tabs, tags and with the help of a scallop punch, marker, gel pens, dollar store bling and paper clip ( I use the swirlly paper clip to close the album, thanks to our trusty Dollar Store!).
You can make it very plain or as decorative as you like. Fun, fun, fun...and easy.
One 12 x 12 sheet of paper makes the album, a few simple folds and then make your tabs! Great!! Can't say enough about this great little mini!

Have a scrap-happy day,
Hugs...Nanny Donna

First Days of School

Capture Those First Days Of School!
Small but oh so mighty!

This year two of our little grandchildren started school. Can't believe how fast the time has gone by. After coming across this great little mini album, I started to play around with it and since I made a trip into Michael's and came across some paper with school buses and one with preschool...well, what can I say? The old creative juices started to this is what I ended up with.
One page wonder! So many pull out tabs!

I absolutely love, love these little brag books! So many uses and so easy to make. One 12 x 12 page to make your album, 1 12 x 12 sheet of paper for your pull tabs along with cardstock for my pull tabs, ( great for using up your left over cardstock!) a little ribbon, some button brads, marker to do faux stitching...add it all together and you have a wonderful little keepsake for those special first days of school. I love the colors as they are bright, fun and remind me so much of those school days...had fun coming up with this one. Hope you enjoy it too.

Plenty of room for those precious moments!

I will be posting the instructions for these minis in detail. I've been under the weather fighting off a nasty lung infection which is surprisingly draining me of any energy...even for crafting! Until then, hope your having a very creative day!

Friday, October 12, 2012

One Page Mini Album Wonder!

Mini Album Wonder

Sometimes there's a little project that comes along and it's fun, simple and yet you can do so much with it. This little mini album is just that. I absolutely love making these and with holidays soon approaching, what a great idea for a little stocking stuffer? 

I'm talking about what I call the one page mini album wonder! Yes, one 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper, a few simple folds, add tags, embellish it and make it yours! Don't have scrapbooking paper that is printed on both sides? No problem, I chose two coordinating scrapbooking paper and glued them together. 

 Finished size of this mini album is 3 inches X 4 1/2 inches. Perfect size! It fits just nicely into any purse!! Brag-Book for all proud parents, that could sit on a desk and not take up a lot of room, but still show off our pride and joy - loved ones.

Back of Mini Album
Back of mini.
Inside of mini with two side pull tabs extended and one center pocket pull tab partially pulled out.

Look at the room this little mini has to add our photos, journaling...just packs a big punch for such a simple, fun project.

Materials you will need for this project:

12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper, printed on both sides or two 12 x 12 coordinating sheets of scrapbooking paper.

Cardstock in coordinating colors for tags

Coordinating paper to embellish tags

Paper clips - your choice of design



Markers to make faux stitching and shading

Imagination ;)

Here is the video that I found and followed. Simple and easy! Thank you to stampingholly! Enjoy.

Happy Crafting...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mini Desk Calendar

Mixing it up with our love of camping and my husband's up-coming retirement. All along my husband has been saying that the office in which he works in would get air-conditioning and the renovations done probably only after he would be retired, but surprise! The school renovated the main office and low and behold not only did they put in new floors, ceiling, the much needed air conditioning but also new, larger desks! At least Norm gets to enjoy the new office until the end of this school year.

At first I was going to make a count down the days until retirement desk calendar, but after finding out that everyone and their uncle are doing this for him, I chose to go a little more subtle and came up with this desk calendar for him.
I had so much fun making this little desk calendar/organizer. Mixing up a camping, fall and retirement theme. A sticker that reads 'Take Time To Explore' along with the 'Time Piece' and on the other side of that tag is a key - signifying the key to relaxation!
The material I used are from days long gone by and I sure can't remember where I purchased them and some where obviously from a package.
The embellishments are from the dollar store! Yes, those twirly paper clips and the stickers do come from our local dollar store!
The pattern I used came from Score, Fold, Create. Absolutely love this book. Since I have it, all I want to do is try out all the fun designs.
The base, I used a piece of foam board, and yes, that too came from our local Dollar store.
I was lucky enough to find a website for the perfect size monthly calendars.
Visit for printable calendar.
Here is what the back of the project looks like.

This is the book that I have made my project out of ...
Love, love, love this book. I use it with my Crafter's Companion as I do not have the Score-Pal.
So far I have had no problems ;)
Hope you having a scrap-happy Thanks Giving!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mini Album

Nanny Donna's Mini Album

Here is a mini album that came to be during one of my not so creative moments. Sometimes creativity takes a break and leaves the mind...blank?
Other times it's hard to turn the darn thing off!! as everything gives us ideas...
Somewhere in between those moments, this is what I came up with.
A mini album made from Black Currant printed cardstock, my trusty little cricut and Story Book cartridge...a trip to the dollar store for the paper clips, good ol' Walmart for the black and white flowers and ribbons...and Le Voila
Mini album!

Materials used for this project:
Story Book Cartridge
Black Currant printed cardstock
Paper Clips from Dollar Store
Flowers from WalMart crafting department
Small stapler
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Glue runner
Small/medium circle punch
Scalloped edge punch
Sizzix Embossing Boutique and small polka-dot embossing folder.

Determine how many sleeves you want for your mini album.
I chose 10.
10 cardstock cut 9 inches x 5 1/2 inches
To make sleeve: fold cardstock in half to make finished sleeve 4 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches long.
Glue or use score tape to close along bottom to make pocket.
Using small or medium circle punch, punch out half circle to make room for your pull tabs.
Score 1/2 inch at bottom of pocket of each pocket.
Embellish both sides of pockets to your liking.
I used the pockets for my cover and back cover.
Cut 8 inch x 4 1/2 inch cardstock for spine of mini album.
Cut cardstock 4 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches to glue pockets to, evenly spacing each pocket...glue pockets (evenly placed) on the bottom fold to cardstock.
Score spine 1inch and 6 inches to wrap around your front and back of album, glue together with pocket and first spine to make a stronger spine for album.
Cut 2 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch coordinating cardstock for corners. Score in center to make fold for corners and attach.
Add your personal touches.

For Tabs:
Cut 10 pull tabs - finished size 5 1/2 inches x 4 inches.
Using scalloped edge punch, punch either both ends of pull tab, or just the front (the end showing once it's placed inside the sleeve.)
Place ribbon on either the left hand side of pull out tab or right hand side, whichever you like.
Make a ribbon pull tab and staple to pull out tab.
Glue white 'rose buds' to embellish.
And you are all set to add your pictures, captions to your mini album.

I used a several of the Story Book cuts to make little tags, double and sometimes tripled the layers to add dimension once they are glued together. If you wish to write on these tags, I'd suggestion doing it before you emboss!

Hope this made sense, and happy scrapping....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friendship Ornament

Since Friends just hang-out sometimes, this Friendship Ornament is a cute gift idea for that special friend! Something she can 'hang' onto as a reminder of your friendship.

 Sometimes Life just gets in the way of crafting! Finally I found my way back into my little crafting room and after seeing one of Christina's creations at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearl, I came up with this Friendship Ornament.I used a punch to make the boarder on my 'boxes' so they do not always line up properly...note to the wise, when using a punch for your border, try to cut all the edges in the same manner so that when they are glued together, they match up!

 Decide on the size of the 'boxes' that you would like. Cut out six squares, all the same size, punch around the edges...matching your design (Christina used Spell Binders, which did a lovely job!). Score all six 'boxes' the same measurement for all six.
Embellish as you wish and before you glue your project together ;)
Glue four of the boxes as shown in top photo...let dry.
Glue the last two sides of the group of four to make a cube.

Chose a ribbon and attach to one of the corners before you glue the top and bottom of your cube.

Now you have a friendship cube ornament! and that's all there is to it.
For full instructions, visit Christina at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls. Such a creative lady with so many wonderful projects that she shares with everyone.
So once again, from nanny Donna's Corner,
have a scrap-happy day ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

All Things Halloween

Ghost, skeletons, pumpkins...Boo! Looks like Halloween is on the way! So lets get crafting ;)

This is what I came up with for a Halloween Explosion Box. Since we have four grandchildren and they all love Halloween, the explosion box was perfect as a Halloween keepsake. Each grandchild has there own special 'tab' for their pictures.

On the outside I wrote trick - or- treat - boo, added ribbon, scalloped the edge of my box top and embellished. 

One thing that is very, very important in scrapbooking, card-making or any paper crafting...make sure to use good glue/or double sided tape...unfortunately, I used what I had on hand and it wasn't the best....all that work and then have to re-glue? I don't think so!!
This is the inside! 4 grandchildren, 4 'tabs'...perfect. Made loads of tabs to pull out and made cards for journaling. Now I just have to add my pictures. 

Add some brads, mix it up with flowers (black of course!) hands reaching out, pull a skeleton out...oh no!

Dark moon hanging in the sky, black pumpkin sitting many tabs and extras make this a fun Halloween Explosion Box Keepsake, either for Nanny & Popo to keep, or a great little gift idea for mom and dad.
Witches with brooms sneaking up on you! Since we have one grand daughter, can you guess who's pictures will go here?
If you would like to make this Halloween Explosion Box Keepsake, please email me and I'll write up the instructions.

Have a scrap-happy day,
                    ....hugs from Nanny Donna

Monday, August 13, 2012

Heirloom Stack for the guys ;)

I'm certainly happy with the Heirloom Stack from DCWV, as it has plenty of paper well suited for the guys. I know it's been out for a while, but as I've said before, limited budge, so you buy when they are on sale ;)

These are the materials I used:

Heirloom Stack from DCWV - Joann's Fabric & Crafts Store had a great sale 
Dark Brown cardstock
Scrap piece of black cardstock for birds
Dollar Store embellishments & cord
Two large round metallic brads
Cricut A Child's Year cartridge
Gold Metallic Marker
Dark Brown & lighter brown marker ( I used my Mark-it Markers)
Glue runner
Dimensional sticker
How to's:

Dark Brown Cardstock - cut 8  1/2" x 11" - fold in half for card base...and  cut one piece of dark cardstock at 1" x 8 1/2" for 'post'

Cut Striped paper 5" x 8 "

Cut Happiness - Smiles - Good Times to 4 1/8" to 7 1/4"

Using my little Cricut machine and A Child's Year cartridge, cut out birds in black cardstock...smaller size fits well.

Cut brown burgundy/brownish paper (scrap stash ) 2 1/2 x 6 1/4"

To put it all together:

Glue larger 5 x 8" stripped paper, flush to fold, center top and bottom.

with burgundy/brownish cardstock - (measuring 2 1/2  x 6 1/4") attach Happiness, Smiles, Good times to upper left corner.

Attach 'time' dollar store embellishment on left side of card, overlapping onto the back of your card...fold.

Attach your layers onto the face of your card.

Glued Dollar Store embellishment 'family time' to top of 'spine' embellishment with large metallic brad and attached dollar store 'cord' and frayed ends 

To make the center post between Happiness, Smiles and Good Times, cut dark brown cardstock and place between signs.

I used the gold and dark brown markers to make 'shadows' on the posts. If you chose add depth to your cards layers, you can or you can leave it clean. I smudged mine up a little after the card was made...what a no-no!! well, at least for me.

Place the birds onto your layers. I cut the larger bird off it's next and then put the nest part onto a dimensional sticker to raise it. Glued the bird behind the nest. Added some ends of cord to the nest.

To finish up my card, I always cut out a coordinating paper for the inside to add a sentiment....and there you have it! Another one of Nanny Donna's cards.

Hope your having a great day!