Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friendship Ornament

Since Friends just hang-out sometimes, this Friendship Ornament is a cute gift idea for that special friend! Something she can 'hang' onto as a reminder of your friendship.

 Sometimes Life just gets in the way of crafting! Finally I found my way back into my little crafting room and after seeing one of Christina's creations at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearl, I came up with this Friendship Ornament.I used a punch to make the boarder on my 'boxes' so they do not always line up properly...note to the wise, when using a punch for your border, try to cut all the edges in the same manner so that when they are glued together, they match up!

 Decide on the size of the 'boxes' that you would like. Cut out six squares, all the same size, punch around the edges...matching your design (Christina used Spell Binders, which did a lovely job!). Score all six 'boxes' the same measurement for all six.
Embellish as you wish and before you glue your project together ;)
Glue four of the boxes as shown in top photo...let dry.
Glue the last two sides of the group of four to make a cube.

Chose a ribbon and attach to one of the corners before you glue the top and bottom of your cube.

Now you have a friendship cube ornament! and that's all there is to it.
For full instructions, visit Christina at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls. Such a creative lady with so many wonderful projects that she shares with everyone.
So once again, from nanny Donna's Corner,
have a scrap-happy day ;)