Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stamp It! 3 Ways Giveaway!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warm Wishes from Canada eh?

Brrr...I live in Canada eh?

...and boy it's cold out there!

Sending Warm Wishes on Canadian Cold Days!
I love living in Canada, and totally enjoy all four seasons.  The number one thing I always hear when winter  pokes it's nose around the corner and sprinkles the white fluffy stuff upon us, is how much people  mind the this  is how this little card came to be.

 Nothing nicer than receiving a little card sending warm wishes on a cold winter is warm, the soft grey is warmer than cool whites...and green is in!

This little tent card measures 5 3/8 x 4 1/2 inches finished. The grey cardstock measures 5 x 4 inches and is embossed with a diamond quickutz embossing folder.

The cup & saucer is cut with my handy little Cricut & came from A Child's Year cartridge, page 57. The phrase or sentiment 'warm Wishes' is from the country Life cartridge. Wrapping the grey cardstock with a matching ribbon, tied up in a bow.

I love faux stitching and do it by out come my trusty Bic Markit markers.

 Using my green Mark It marker, I decided to go with dots going around the grey cardstock instead of 'stitches'...adding a few to the cup & saucer and Warm Wishes. Three mini brown brads grouped in opposite corners complete the front of this easy little card.

I  like to finish my cards by cutting a matching or complimentary paper for the inside. This one, I printed a sentiment  & stamped it...then added the matching ribbon to the inside. A brown mini brad sits in each corner.

 Le Voila, another one of Nanny Donna's ideas brought to life.

Ready to be signed, sealed and delivered ;)
Here is a pic of a few of the toys I used to make this little number.

Thank you for stopping by, may the sunshine be shinning down upon you ;)
Warm Wishes, 
from Nanny Donna's Corner ~ only in Canada eh? Pitty! lol (couldn't resist Tettley Tea's old commercial line)

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Love is in the air ;)

Perfect for Valentines Day ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hugs To You

Same Embossed Card, Different Look


Same little card, two different looks....
Two cards, one embossing folder, different accent colors and embellishments and you have two totally different looks.

Hugs to you is a more playful card, bold, crisp colors. I really do love my little Texture Boutique as it is an easy way to dress up a card and as you can see, one embossing folder can still have a different look.

 Kind of like that little black dress in our closets. You can dress it up, or wear it plain and simple but no matter how you wear it, you will stand out in it. ;)

This little card would be a fun addition to Valentine's Day Wishes...the layered black and white, embossed hearts sit upon dimensional stickers to make them stand out. The red lady bug is also perched on top of a dimensional foam sticker and ready to go!

A corduroy brad and some black and white polka~dot ribbon balances out the card...hugs to you sentiment in cranberry gives off some warmth amongst the cool white and sharp black contrast. Just a young, fun feeling to this card.

Materials I used to make this card, white, black and a small amount of red cardstock. Texture Boutique and Sizzix embossing folder. Corduroy brad, ribbon, stamp & cranberry ink. Cricut Personal Cutter & George and Basic Shapes cartridge. Lady bug was from the Paisley cartridge. Foam dimensional stickers.

Very simple, easy little card, filled with texture and character ~ the layering and dimensional stickers make this card pop!

Isn't crafting fun?

Hope your having a fab day crafting and thanks for stopping by,
'hugs to you'
from Nanny Donna's Corner ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Embossed Beauty

Thinking of You

This little card was a simple but cute one I had made some time ago. Since I am still cutting, sorting and playing with those nasty scraps, I thought I'd bring out one of the cards that I have made and kept as a 'sample' to go back to for those days where the heart is willing but the brain is on holidays...and this little card was one of my favorites. 
Sometimes you need a little card that simply says how you feel...

The embossing folder pretty much dressed up the card, add a scalloped edge, an embossed butterfly,  a rub on sentiment 'Thinking of You' and Le Voila, a pretty, soft card to send to that special someone, just a little note to let them know that they are in your thoughts. (The sentiment does not show up in the photo, but it does look very pretty ~  it is very delicate and suits the flow of the card)

Sometimes less can be more ;p)  and in this case, I think it worked. Embossing can take a plain card and make it pop right out.

There are times when something just falls into place and ends up pleasing the eye and this little card was one of those. I keep going back to it and play with the embellishments, colors, change it up some depending on who it's for, what occasion, etc...
I simply cannot get the sentiment to show
~ but it really is there!~ it must be shy ;)

Material you will need:

Cricut Personal Cutter
Storybook Cartridge
Butterfly Punch
Texture Boutique & Embossing Folder
Scalloped Edge Punch
Cardstock ~ 5 x 8 1/2 inches ~ one in powder blue, one in white for sentiments inside of card
                      2 x 5 1/2 inch white cardstock, scalloped edge on one side
Stamped/Rub on or Sentiment of your choice
glue of your choice...

Cut one piece of powder blue cardstock and one piece of white cardstock to 5 x 8 1/2 inches, fold in half. Finished card size 5 1/2 x 4 1/8 inch (with the one scalloped edge.)

Emboss with Sizzix Embossing Folder ( I'm sorry, I cannot find the name of this folder and it was ages ago when I purchased it).

Butterfly was cut from the Storybook cartridge, 1 inch and emboss with swiss dot embossing folder. and glue to front of card.

Use your scalloped edge punch down one side of white 2 x 5 1/2 inch cardstock and glue to inside of front of card allowing the scalloped edge to show.

Fold 5 x 81/2 inch white cardstock in half and glue inside of card.

You now have a little something special for that special friend.

Thank you for stopping by,
Hugs to you ~ from Nanny Donna

Monday, January 21, 2013

Waste Not, Want Not...

Feeling Blue Over Your Scraps ;(
waste not, want not

Once again the topic of conversation remains on SCRAPS! Yes, at this point I am hollering when it comes to cleaning up my mess, after all, scrap happens!

Like I said earlier on, I searched high and low for an idea that would make my life easier in my little corner and more productive, along the lines of waste not, want not? or something like that.

 So lets take your scraps from looking like this....

...and turn it into this! Ready to use for all those projects that are just calling out our name. I'm hoping that I will find good use for this left over cardstock which were overflowing from a shoe box (which I thought was organized by color...phh ya, right).

Now they are organized by size, color all nice and neat.I'll probably tweak it a bit after I get everything cut and sorted, but for now I'm placing them in one box as you can see.

The larger sizes of cardstock/paper I either placed them back with their mates or in a shoe organizer that I purchased at Walmart.

Did I mention that it just so happens that one of the cuts (3 x 4") is the perfect size for the pocket tabs for my little mini albums? How divine, I can see them now ;)

I will not try to butter you up by making this sound like a fun adventure, it is not a fun task, it is not an easy task, and sad to say, I'm still not done...and cleaning up one mess just made another one for me to clean up afterwards!
Never a pretty site to see....
from one mess into another...

So without further ado, here are the sizes that I cut out of my scraps:

1 x 3 1/2"
1 x 4"
1 x 4 1/2 "
1 x 5"

1 1/4 x 3

1 1/2 x 2"
1 1/2 x 3"
1 1/2 x 5 1/2"

2 x 2"
2 x 3"
2 x 5"
2 x 5 1/2"

3 x 4"
3 x 5"

...and so the fun continues in the land of never ending scraps! but on the bright side, my stash just grew ;) and that is always a good thing....and better yet, it didn't cost you me anything!

Hope your having a scrap~happy day ~ er, don't forget to cut those scraps as you go so you won't have this fun job!! Yippy!

from my little crafting corner,
Nanny Donna

Friday, January 18, 2013

Endless Scraps

Here I thought I was doing pretty good with being organized with my know, a couple of shoe boxes with the scraps kind of sorted ~ well, mostly sorted by color and I was under the impression that I was using up as much of the scraps as possible BUT like anything, it kind of got out of control, I managed to 'hide' it by keeping them behind closed doors.

Needless to say, the boxes ranneth over...excuse my creativity on new words! or horrible spelling ;)
For days now I have been cutting and sorting not to mention wondering why on earth am I bothering to cut and stack these pieces of paper and will I actually use them after all the time I've spent on this task?

I'm thinking it may look good, nice and neat but will it be practical? Am I cutting them the right sizes for what I'd use them for? I do have to take into consideration that when I'm using my Cricut, the larger pieces of paper, even if it's only a two or three inch strip that is 12 inches long, could make a row of tags, circles, squares, pennants for banners...all kinds of designs. So, what do I do with the larger pieces?? They don't always match up or are easy to find a solution for storing them neatly. Do I cut the tags, circles, squares now? or wait until I need them? Which is best??? HELP!! lol

Should I layer some of the smaller cut pieces so that they would be ready to stamp and stick onto my project? or would they just sit there not used?

How many of you make up some flowers, tags, embellishments and keep them at the ready? Do they get used up? or do they sit there and collect dust?

With the grand children loving my scrapbooking space, I'm sure they would use up any of the 'embellishments' that I don't end up using...but if you are watching your pennies trying to budget, you also don't want to see your good ink, glue, thread or buttons going out the door on something that's not going to be used.(not that the grand children's art work is not worthy of your goodies...I'm just saying)

I guess like anything else, you can over think and over organize...right?

All I do know, I will not be sorry to see the last piece of left over cardstock or paper cut, sorted and put away! and I'm sure I will think twice when working on a project on what I'll do when I'm done with my scraps...cut, sort and store...that's if I can actually work on ONE project at a time ~ oh, did I forget to mention that? I have this knack for somehow getting sidetracked when I'm working on something and start pulling out this and that and the next thing you know, my working area looks like a tornado passed through or the crafting fairy upchucked all over the place. It's not a pretty site at all...and you don't know how hard it is for me to be sitting in my crafting space just cutting paper! I feel like I'm in time out or something.

Oh well, that's the price we pay for our quirky, creative mind and I wouldn't trade it for anything's who I am ;)

No pictures of this mess...yet, I often head downstairs into my room not looking picture worthy and to be honest, I would only be taking pictures of something every crafter has seen...A ROYAL MESS...but I will fill you in on what sizes I have cut my scraps and how I store it once I'm done...and hopefully I'm not doing all of this time consuming, hair pulling task for not.

I'll stop my rambling and get back to 'organizing' the endless supply of scraps...oh how I do want to see the bottom of these darn shoe boxes, oh how sweet it will be.

It would be great to hear from fellow crafters on how you deal with keeping things under control in your crafts space. What do you do with your scraps? Do you pre~cut and make some of your establishments ahead of time? Any little tid~bit would be much appreciated, as you know, inquiring minds want to know ;)

Be happy, get scrappin'~
Hugs~from Nanny Donna's Corner

Monday, January 14, 2013

Scraps, Scraps & More Scraps!

Yes, it's those dreaded scraps of paper that we keep collecting or adding to a pile of discarded paper and cardstock that we just can't bring ourself to throw out...after all, we could use day or another.

It's one of those things that we find annoying, going through, sorting and finding a way to use up those perfectly good pieces or getting rid of them and making room for new goodies! It's called keeping ahead of the game.

I have hunted high and low for ideas on how to make them more enticing to use up, easier to find that just right piece for the project you are working other words, saving money.

What I have been doing is sorting as you go, placing a shoe box on the floor next to my working area and when I'm done with one piece of paper/cardstock, I just drop it into that box...and eventually, I then cut and sort those and place them in another shoe box color co-ordinating...

I bring this box of scraps out for the grandchildren so they have a variety to choose from when they are making their wonderful crafts at Nanny's...but honestly, how much scraps do they need?

Sooo, all said and done, now I plan on attacking that dreaded job. I have decided to buy a shoe organizer with clear pockets and hang it on the closet door which is right next to my crafting table (handy to reach, and visible). I will go through all my scraps (oh my!) which shouldn't be too bad since most of it is already sorted by color in that shoe box (thank goodness my hubby wears a large shoe!! lol) and place them in the clear pockets. I may or may not cut them down into sizes that I would use ~ for example making banners, tags, embellishments for my cards.

Once they are sorted and placed into my handy~dandy shoe organizer, I am thinking of using my cricut to cut out some tags, circles, scalloped circles and squares in colors and sizes (your basics) that I would use for cards...matting and so forth and place them in one of my one of the clear pockets.

 Perhaps try my hand at stamping and coloring with a few of those pieces. Double embossing, try a new cut on one of my and create! If it's a no go, then put it in the trash!!! or add it to the grandchildren stash!! They don't mind at all if it's not 'perfect' for their projects...everything is perfect to them ;) ah, to be a child.

I like going through my stash every now and then to see what papers I have, finding paper, cardstock or embellishments that I haven't used and deciding if they are worth keeping. If not, then put them in a container and either give them to the grandchildren for their crafting area, you can always make up a bundle and sell them online (we all love finding deals, right?) or finding an area school that could use your scraps and goodies for their arts & crafts. Nursing homes also love to receive some goodies for they also have arts & craft time! Find a scrapbooking group and swap! No group, organize one!

What to do with all those cards and projects? Again, if you are like me, we make and make but sometimes do not find a home for our creativity. Make room for new projects by donating them to a good the little shops in hospitals, second hand stores, nursing homes, sometimes offices will buy a bundle of your cards for office birthdays, anniversary, creative! Michael's did have a box to drop off your cards to be sent to soldiers who are far from home and would enjoy receiving some mail.

Ah, yes, so easy to sit and write about what I plan on doing with these scraps, now lets put it to work!! and see what really happens ;) First, have to get off the computer, second,. go hunting for that shoe organizer...wonder if my trusty dollar store would have one of those...yes, the crafty Nanny works on a very small I shop as thrifty as I can...thus the large stash of scrap paper!! lol

If you come up with a cool idea for sorting and storing scraps, by all means please let me know ;)

Have a good one,

ps I will post a pic when I've actually got this mess sorted! could be a while....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One ~ Two ~ Three...Let's Go

 Pack your suitcase with birthday memories. What better way to store those happy moments of a little one's birthday. You can keep it on a bookshelf as when it's turned on it's side, the spine is made to look like a book, lay it down and you have a suitcase.

Suitcase of Memories
The suitcase is a breeze to make, specially with the help of my trusty Crafter's Companion scoring system. It takes the guessing right out of any project. Love it!

The mini album is another easy one to make, doesn't take much measuring and such, just fold, glue and add your tags and embellishments. This is one of those little projects that is not only fun to make but the possibilities are endless.

Here is a list of the materials I used to make this cute little project.

DCWV the Celebration Stack

Cardstock: Two 8 1/2 x 11 inches for suitcase
                    Three 6x4 inches cardstock 
                     Four 12 x 12 inches printed cardstock which gives you 12 pockets!
Cricut & George & Basic Shapes cartridge

Crafter's Companion Boxer Board

Paper Trimmer & Scissors

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Scotch ATG gun

Paper Clips or some kind of clips to hold glued parts together until they dry

Small stapler 

Cork numbers (found these at a dollar store)



Boy stickers (again, dollar store - diva on a dime?)

Extra Fine Tip marker (faux stiching)

2 small blue D rings (dollar store find )

Fiskars Scallop Punch

Hole Punch to fit your D rings

Blue 'cord' for handles of suitcase but you can use ribbon or matching cardstock.

One Velcros tab for latch

Suitcase Instructions:

Note: if you are going to faux stitch any of the cardstock/embellishments, don't forget to do it before you attach to your project!! like I sometimes do ;)

Make two boxes for the suitcase, as the top and bottom are made the same size.

I used the full sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inches cardstock, scored all four sides at 1 inche. TIP: apparently, if you score both sides of the cardstock it should not 'break' and show white through the fold...have not tried this yet as I just found please let me know how you make out with this little 'tip'. Also if you are going to faux stitch with a marker or other tool, now would be a good time to do it before you glue it together ;)

After scoring both boxes, notch each end like this...
At each end of the box (top and bottom) cut a V notch in in the above picture. Fold and tape your corners to make your boxes.

Back spine added and corner circles to help close suitcase
To make your inside spine, cut a piece of printed cardstock 2 x 9 1/2 inches, score on both sides at half way point ~ 2 inches, faux stitch before you glue it to your project.

Again, faux stitch first before proceeding with your  spine ;)

Using wet glue, glue back spine (inside of boxes) to bottom box, fold and glue to top box...if you are looking at this and scratching your head wondering what I mean...well, if you take the folded 'spine', open it up and glue to the bottom box, place your glue on the other half of the spine, placing the top box with both edges together, folding the spine into place over the top box (lid) and then place your paper clips over to hold in place while it dries....hope this makes sense to you ;)

Cut two 2 inch circles, fold in half and glue them to the two front corners of the bottom box of suitcase. They help keep the suitcaseclosed better, think of them as 'support'...and again, faux stitch before you glue ;)

Cut your inside support strips~two 1 x 9 inch and glue (wet glue) to the inside of the fronts of both bottom and top of boxes~ use the paper clips to hold in place while decide how much faux stitching and play accordingly ;)

Cut three 1 x 6 1/2 inch cardstock to reinforce sides of both top and bottom boxes, glue (wet glue) in place and use paper clips to hold while drying.

 Straps for outside embellishment ~ Cut 4  1 x 7 inches wide cardstock for your straps on the outside of your suitcase. Faux Stitch and glue (red sticky tape) to top and bottom of suitcase..(.roughly one inch from side of suitcase edge).

For the latch, I used a soother sticker from the dollar store. I reinforced it by sticking it to matching cardstock and then cutting it out before attaching to top (lid) of suitcase. Placed the small velcros circle onto the soother and then attaced the bottom half of the velcros circle to bottom of lid.

(The Velcro is tricky to open because it really sticks together, so I have tried to stick and untstick it a few times before gluing to my project as it sometimes tears the cardstock instead when trying to open the lid..if you have any suggestions please let me know)

Handles: you can do 1 of three things...use ribbon, cording, or paper.
Some of the tools used for making this project.

I used a blue cord (salvaged from something else) cut the desired length and then punch your holes, pass the cord through,knot and repeat for both lid and bottom.

Corners: I cut out 4 1x2 inch tabs,
 faux stitched, attached two small
 blue brads then glued to the corners.

Embellishments: cork numbers (dollar store find) and boys sticker hat (dollar store find) and you have a suitcase!

 Now onto making the mini album

Using your full page of printed cardstock (12 x 12 inches) ~ it's time to score n fold ;)
Fold the 12 x 12 inch printed cardstock into half. 

Open and turn cardstock, score at 3 1/2 inches from top, turn cardstock  and score at 3 1/2 inches on the bottom...basically you just made a 't' but with two bars running through on top and one on bottom....

Cut center fold line to first fold line on both sides of paper...and then fold into first fold line making a V.
Cut at center into first fold line

Folding cut inside to fold line.
Fold V's on top and bottom folding to the inside
...and then fold in half. Open and glue the folded fronts below the V then open and turn your pocket page over, and glue the back of page at the bottom and back edge to make a top pocket. One page has two side pockets and one top pocket. Embellish as you wish.

For the pocket pull out tabs, you will need twelve  4 3/4 x 5 3/4 inch cardstock. I used a scalloped punch on the edges...and embellished with left over cardstock from this project. 

I cut out some tags from the DCWV the Celebration Stack and glued them to some cardstock to make them a little more sturdier, faux stitched around them to keep the same look going throughout the project.

Then using some left over cardstock that I had in my stash, three 6 x 4 inch cardstock, embellished with left over pieces of cardstock from this project, added my tabs which I cut out with my Cricut and the George and Basic Shape cartridge ~ and some left over cardstock from this project and made my little tabs...stapled them to the ends.

Now to put this little book together, I used a paper punch to match the size of the D~rings, measure all pieces the same at bottom of page and punch the holes to pass your D~ring through.

Cut some ribbon and attach to the D~rings and Le Voila! You have a good size album with room for up to 17 photos. I also used a lined (looks like a school book paper) on the back of one of the smaller 6 x 4 inch cardstock for some journaling if you wish.

Hope you enjoyed this little project ~ if you have any trouble with it, please email me or leave a message.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a happy scrappy day ;)
Nanny Donna
Hugs X0X0