Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~New Replacement Blades for Cricut~

My Blades Have Arrived!!


10 Cricut replacement blades for $9.98 Canadian / $10.20 U.S. + $3.00 Shipping!
You do the math!! ;) $1.32 U.S.  a blade, right?

Well, today I received my blades that I ordered online through Ebay. I've read up on these blades and they were recommended by several crafters who had tried them and loved them. After running out of fresh blades right in the middle of a project, I decided to look for alternative blades for my much loved Cricut.

I placed my order on March 13th and they have arrived today. Not bad since they came all the way from China to Canada... So all in all good, fast service and better yet, they fit my Cricut and work beautifully.

So I thought I'd pass on this information to all who love their Cricuts AND like to save a little money along the way.

Will I buy more blades from this company? Yes, but I don't think I'll be needing more any time soon! 10 blades should last me for a while.

Here is the name of the seller on Ebay : Izsourcing*com
The name of the blades: ROLAND BLADES 60 (degrees)
Long Life * Carbide Blades 5 PCS $4.99 U.S.
Shipping was $3.00

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any crafty savings to pass on, please leave a comment and post it!!
Enjoy ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Retirement is Grand

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but life does sometimes get in the way of crafting...I mean really? Priority people!! lol

At any rate I am slowly working on a journal for myself (which I'll share once it's done) only to realize I had better get a move on with Easter cards and projects...oh, the life of a retired person is sooo hectic ;) and I had better get a move on starting Mr. Parker's (grandson) memory quilt...I have three very large bags of his sleepers and clothing he has outgrown. Lots of cutting and planning for that project. His big sister's quilt came out very pretty if I may say so myself ;)

I'm sounding and feeling like those comical characters who say they went looking for their glasses, passed by an empty glass, picked it up to put it in the sink, only to spy a letter sitting on the table that they were suppose to mail, picked it up, putting the glass down...well, you get the gist of it. That would be me!! My intentions are good, but the delivery sometimes runs a muck! and lately, boy, have they run a muck!

My hubby just retired and we have been enjoying the freedom of just picking up and taking off for the day ~ needless to say, as much fun as that is, the darn maid (me) slacks right off and nothing gets done. Don't you hate when that happens?

I have been searching for a good place to order some tape for my trusty ATG gun, I seem to be constantly running out of it ~ right in the middle of a project...not good. Any ideas?

I love finding out where are the best places to buy crafting supplies.

Back in February ( I think it was February, lazy mind of mine) I ordered a Big Kick and a Bind It All. They have arrived a couple of weeks ago and I'm just getting around to playing with them.

I love the fact that I can emboss a much larger area with my Big Kick, but I still end up going to my little Texture Boutique for embossing the little pieces. I had thought of selling the Texture Boutique, but now I'm more incline on keeping my little darling...besides, it's cute, and it doesn't take up much room.

I am waiting for an order on new embossing folders, again I think I ordered them back in February when both Oh My Crafts & Joann's had fabulous sales on. I managed to buy both my Big Kick and Bind It All for about the price of just one of the items...double delicious.

I've been eyeing the larger Cricuts, as I still love my Cricut and find that I can purchase a cartridge that has many images on them which makes them cost effective...which if you are really on the ball, you can alter the images to your liking ~ for example, if you watch which cartridges you purchase, you can manipulate or alter the cuts in many different ways to suit your needs. So far, Cricut is #1 for me....but I certainly would not turn my nose up at trying other die cutting machines ;)

I just ordered different blades for the Cricut, and I am waiting for them to arrive. I've read up on several different sites and hopefully they will work as wonderful as these sights have said. I shall see and will pass on the information once I've tried them out.

Today I will be picking up two books/magazines that I purchased at Annie's Attic ~ I find that downloading the magazines just is not the same as having the material right at hand. Old school I guess, can't help myself.

 I do love using my Kobo for reading, as it's so much easier loading it up with some new reading material and less to pack when we are off camping...or waiting at a doctor's office, perhaps I should look into downloading some of my crafting magazines onto it. Which do you prefer? Downloads obviously don't take much space in your craftroom, but at the same time, if it's not insight, I forget I have it...

I'm wondering where you like to purchase your supplies and which scrapbooking, paper crafting tools do you love and can't live without.

Cricut? Big Kick/Shot? Spellbinders? What kind of tape? Glue? What is your favorites? I'd love to find out which materials are a must have.

Thanks for dropping by, hope your having a wonderful day...
from Nanny Donna's Corner

Sunday, March 10, 2013

~Fun In A Bucket~Maya Road Winner ;)

Thank You Maya Road

My Bucket has arrived! and it's loaded with goodies. I was so pumped when I found out I won on Feb. 16th on Maya Roads 21,000 facebook friend giveaway.

Sooo many goodies, I'm so excited. I'm like a kid when it comes to winning something. The little bucket is adorable, it was filled to the rim and then some. 

Stamps, washi tape, wooden butterflies, flowers, pins, stamps, bottle caps and so much more...just loving it.

Again, thank you Maya Road. Loving your bucket full of goodies and can't wait to start creating in my little crafty corner.

If you haven't stopped in at Maya Road, then I think you should go take a peak! You just may find some pretty awesome goodies. You can follow them on Facebook, or

Winning has put a smile on my face and a twitch in my fingers as they want to start to dig in but I hear my hubby getting restless...oops! Once again the clock on the wall is nothing more than a decoration and something that goes tic...tic...tic...but I pay it no mind!! It's well past dinner be off until tomorrow ;)

chow for now,


Spring Is In The Air

Lace & Butterflies
Swiss Dots & Ribbons

I've been practicing playing with stamps and coloring and I do Believe it's going to take a little more playing to get it down to a fine art but I certainly had fun trying! and I think it came out pretty good. On this album I played around with a few different things. Duct tape is for more than Popo's work shop and Nanny is having fun playing with it!!

Adding a touch of lace is always an option to dress it up, add a little sparkle, color in your stamps, sparkle glue over the top, a little bling, ribbon and oh so pretty.

This finished album cover measures 6 1/2  inches x 6 1/2  inches. The pages were made just a touch smaller and they are made from one sheet of cardstock for the 'core' of the page and then using scrapbooking paper to fold over making one page that has three pockets for pull out tabs.

Made 8 pages like this, so you have 24 tabs for your pictures and journaling and the front and back of each page ( 16 more places for pictures!).

 Another smaller size album that has plenty of room for all your fabulous pictures.

Accordion fold technique was used for the spin of the book, once the folds are made and glued, I then cut black cardstock to glue to the back of the accordion fold spine to strengthen it.

 Glued my pages to it. Cut pieces of recycled cardboard box for the front and back cover and spine.

Glued my scrapbooking paper onto the back, front, and inside of the front and back cover. Using my white duct tape, I placed the front cover, spine and back cover down with a slight space between and taped them together. Now I have a very strong spine. A sturdy album for sure.

I had a piece of lace in my sewing stash and thought it would be a nice added bonus to the spine. Laced it around the spine cover and between each page.

Stamp up some butterflies, and started to play with Mark It Markers, Gel Pens and Glitter Glue. Added some bling to the wings....and Le Voila! 

The faux pearls, glitter and sparkle, ribbon and lace brought Spring into this album.

Cut out some hearts, and tabs using my Cricut and A Child's Year Cartridge and Story Book. Embossed the tabs with my Big Shot and Swiss Dot folder and flowers and swirls folder.

For the main center tabs, I used a scalloped edge punch, added bling from Eyelet Outlet, ribbon and faux stitched around. Some I layered white cardstock onto the purple cardstock to bring more life into it. Stamped a few tabs, some are colored and some are left in bold black and white to make it pop!

Add ribbon to pull tabs for an added touch.

Faux Stitched around the album covers, tabs and pages. I like faux stitching, but since I do it by hand, it is time consuming, but really? I am retired and doing this as a past time!! lol If I wasn't doing this, house work would be calling and who wants to give up playing with crafts for that? so I find the time ;) to faux stitch by you know

Stamped on some of the pages and tabs, left some in black and white and added color to others. Also used chalk both dry and wet to touch up the edges of some of the stamps ~ basically just playing around with different mediums and having fun. Creating as I go.

Another newbie for me, found some freebies online, printed them up and started coloring...something I'll have to practice doing more as I did enjoy it...all trial and error.

 Must check out a few good tutorials on coloring and using different mediums... I enjoy following  Christina at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls. You will find her button on my page...wonderfully creative and helpful lady.)

This is how my little Believe Album came to be, hope you enjoyed my rambling on, thank you for stopping by. My projects are always a work in progress and I really don't have much of anything in mind when I start and just follow my heart. There are times when I would sit back and shake my head and think 'what am I doing?' but you keep on playing, adding something, taking something away and the next thing you know, it's all falling into place.

So I do Believe in things working out! Just keep at it until it sings to you ;)

Mmm, wonder what my next creation will be? With my way of thinking and doing, who knows? lol but I'm sure I'll have fun trying. 

Do you start a project with something in front of you to give you inspiration or do you create as you go? I have always changed things up, even when sewing, knitting, crochet...just have to add my own touch!

Drop me a line and let me know, it's fun finding out how others work. Does your projects take on a life of their own once they start? Crafting, just have to love it.

Hope your having a scrap~happy day,