Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Froggy told Me So!

Mr. Froggy Says 'Merci'
This is one polite Froggy!

Yes, it is another 'Merci' card! I'm thinking this is the last 'honey do list' for my hubby's retirement. I know, some people will think nasty things because of the 'frog' and 'Merci' but before you start judging, you should know that my husband use to work in a french high school office AND their mascot was a frog....I kid you not!! lol so don't blame the messenger ;)

After making the 'classy little number of Merci cards' I made one with a frog for the school mascot as he or she?? gave Norm a little gift when he I thought this little number would fit the occasion...well wouldn't you know it...hubby loved it and asked for six more please!!

I thought that 'honey do lists' were for us to give to our hubbies!! Mmm, what's wrong with that picture? lol
I guess fair is fair.

Once again I used my trusty little Cricut and this time I used the card feature on A Child's Year, page 48...and cut it the largest size my little Cricut could cut ~ wow! It was so easy to set up my little Cricut, and it kept spitting out my cards! Gotta love my Cricut!

Next I brought out my Big Kick and embossed the front of the card with one of my Sizzix embossing folders. Easy!

My Paisley cartridge had a cute smiley frog on page 36, so once again, set up my little Cricut and away it went!...Next step was to emboss Mr. Frog with my Sizzix Swiss Dot ( I know, I always reach for it!).

To assemble Mr. Frog, I glued two googly eyes from the Dollar Store, added a black ribbon bow with a bling from the dollar store!! I cut out a tiny strip of dark brown and glued it behind the frog for his mouth.

I used Microsoft Word to select a font and size to type up Merci to fit onto an oblong oval which I cut out in two different sizes and two different colors, from the Once Upon A Princess cricut cartridge, page 54, tag.

Adding runner tape to the front of the smallest oblong oval, I then centered as best as I could, the printed word 'Merci' onto the smallest oblong oval, then I flipped the oval over and cut off the paper that was hanging over the edges. Then you just emboss and layer!

Add a little bling to your layered Merci tag and glue it to your card! You can add an extra bit of ribbon, or change it up as little or as much as you like.

~This is Mr. Froggy without his bow~tie and bling~
Mr. Frog is all ready to jump into his matching
Envelopes and deliver his special message.

For the envelopes, I used the same two oblong oval cut outs, two different colors and sizes and layered them onto the front of the envelopes which I made with my Crafter's Companion. This time I only embossed the back oval, simply easier to write on the white tag without embossed areas ;)

And so my day is done, all ten cards are finished and ready to go, Honey just has to add his personal note of thanks and his john~henry and hopefully, Les Girls will have a laugh or two at my silly creations.

I have to admit, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when hubby asked if I could make some cards... must be doing something right!! lol

Many thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a wonderful day,
hugs from Nanny Donna

P.S. Have to make a little correction as my hubby dearest informed me (finally, wife is always the last to know!) that it was not the school mascot who gave him a balloon a day for the last week of work but a fellow co~worker who didn't want to write 'anonymous' (or secret admirer?).

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thoughts on Die Cutting Machines & Embossers

Just a quick note to say, I revisited one of my blogs about most used Cricut Cartridges and making the most of them.

Well, I decided it needed pictures of the cartridges so it would give you an idea on how many images you get in one cartridge AND these images do not show all the different functions which add a different image...In adding pictures (they say a picture is worth a thousand words) you can see what images come with my can find them here Most Used Cricut Cartridges

All in all, I think Cricut has a wonderful selection of images, words and fonts BUT what I am picking up reading some comments in forums (while I search out information on the Ecraft & Silhouette Cameo, ya, I've got the darn bug!!) it seems most people that are upset with Cricut is due to not being able to use SVG files from other companies.

I understand the frustration of being limited to using only Cricut designs on Cricut Machines, but honestly, I do understand the reasoning behind it. ...take for instance in hair products, professional hair products. When you are dealing with hair products like hair coloring, tints, you DO NOT mix brands, you cannot take a bottle of Clairol Professional color and mix it with parts of Redkin or another brand. Why? Because companies have different 'recipes' for their brand and mixing with another brand can cause a chemical reaction that would be very damaging to both the client, the company's name and product not to mention what your client would think of you!! and your professional skills.

I can hear you saying, well, of course, your dealing with makes sense...why? Why do the hair product companies make sure that you have to use their entire line of chemicals (tints, perms, straighteners...)and not being able to mix brands?... because business wise it makes sense. It is one way to 'predict' a satisfied customer. The outcome has been tested and the results have been proven to work. It's profitable, safe in the hands of knowledgeable, trained people.

 It also guarantees the company that all their work and efforts at putting out a product, the cost of testing and marketing will be rewarded...both financially and their reputation is intact...along with yours!

 Lets say you can download and cut others SVG files, what happens if the Cricut doesn't cut it out properly? Whose at fault? Your Cricut or the SVG file? How do you know? and yes, I also have trouble sometimes getting the settings just right for some cuts, but I really don't think that there is a machine out there that is 100% right on for all cuts.

The simplicity of just popping in a cartridge and choosing an image, sounds pretty good to me, but then again I have 7 cartridges!! So I don't need to spend a lot of time going through them to find an image I want to use.

Also there is the fact that I am not the best at working on the IF and When I do decide to purchase another electronic die cutting machine, I'll have to take that into how long will it take me to be able to pick an image, manipulate it to the size and placement before I get it right? lol
This thought alone scares me ;)   but not enough to actually stay away from looking at other options.

Just my thoughts on the Cricut...guess it's kind of like which vehicle you drive...I've been a Ford person, mostly because of my dad and brother...but that doesn't mean that I didn't purchase other models and makes...I do recall an awesome RX7 and I don't believe that was a Ford!! lol more like a Mazda!! boy that car was fun and it gave me no trouble...well, other than spinning out on a wet road!! but that was my fault, not the cars.

I have to be honest though, these days I have been looking a lot at the Silhouette Cameo. Why? mostly because the idea of being able to design your own svg files kind of intrigues me, perhaps it's the hairstylist in me that likes to be creative and be able to do my own thing??  I'm sure that my hubby would be 'thrilled' at me purchasing anything that would have me attempting to work with my computer!! lol He is forever telling me not to press 'buttons' and we won't get into my knowledge or lack of knowledge on downloading stuff...oh my! This could be very interesting indeed. Food for thought!! How much do I want to 'press his buttons' with that one ;)

Silhouette Online Store You can find images that you can purchase individual instead of cartridges, it will give you an idea of what it would cost to purchase the number of images that you would get on a Cricut Cartridge which you can find here Cricut Machines, Cartridges & Downloads or perhaps the Ecraft Machine & Cartridges    

Although, I do like the idea of purchasing just one image at a time as it allows you to make your library to your own liking...specially when a new 'favorite' image, or shape is brought out and you just have to have it...something else to think of.
When you spend the amount of money to purchase any die cutting machine, naturally we all look to see what additional costs we will end up paying out. I certainly can see why the Silhouette Cameo or the Ecraft machine is enticing.  With the Ecraft, the fact that one doesn't have any sticky mats to contend with is a plus, although I keep asking if you can use your scraps in the Ecraft, so far all I've seen is full sheets being fed into the machine. What happens if you only need a small cut eyes? or wheels? Something small that you just need to cut out? Do you have to use a full sheet of cardstock or paper? or can you use a full sheet of cardstock as a matt and place the different color piece of scrap to cut out? I don't know and I can't seem to find anywhere online if you can do this. If you have an Ecraft, please let me know!!

Cricut Expression 2 also has me wondering, but I would still have the same machine as I have now, just with a few more features, still using cartridges...still leaning towards the Silhouette Cameo, something different but I doubt I would ever give up my little Cricut...

With the Silhouette Cameo, I like the idea of creating on your own computer and being able to send it to your printer, printing it out and then cutting out the images...what a wonderful idea for embellishments...but then again the cost of color for your printer plays into the picture...and if your printer will print on cardstock or would you have to purchase another printer?? Oh my!!

I recently purchased the Big Kick, which I have only used to emboss larger surfaces and have not tried to cut anything with it as of yet. I cringe when I look at the price of the die cuts for this machine, only because I'm kind of spoiled with buying my Cricut Cartridges with soooo many images on the one cartridge AND the fact that I was able to purchase them for great prices... on the other hand, if you were picky in your purchases, I'm sure you could buy some that would be great for card making or scrapbooking pages that would be easy to use and handy if you only have a hassles of going through several images...maybe! I do love it for the larger embossing folders but I always go to my little Sizzix Texture Boutique for embossing smaller pieces.

My baby Cricut was the first item to enter my scrapbooking world and it was a gift from my daughter and her husband. I loved it!! What a wonderful gift. Next came the Sizzix Texture Boutique and this little beauty has been used on so many projects. I love, love, love this little machine. Such a nice size, wonderful for card making and so many different embossing folders to play with. Naturally I always purchase any folders when they are on sale.

All in all, this was long winded, but when you are looking at spending the amount of money we crafters put out, it's nice to hear what is out there for us, what other peoples thoughts are on the products and it's always nice to feel like we are making a wise choice in the products we purchase.

We craft for enjoyment, working with die cutting machines can be tricky enough without having to deal with the frustration of a contrary machine! Embossing is the easy part, it's the cutting out that's the challenge!

Phew, guess that's it for today, hope I didn't bore you silly with my ramblings. If you have any of these machines, by all means, please leave a comment and let us know what is your favorite one and why.

Thanks again for stopping by, coffee is long gone, time for a refill! Hope your having a great day.

Nanny Donna saying chow for now and take care.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Little Formal 'Merci' Card

A Little Black & White Formal

Just saying 'Merci'
Five cards, same cuts, same ribbons & same bling...different  look
I had a little request to make a few Merci (Thank You) cards and these are ones that I came up with. I love playing with white on white cards, layers and adding black ribbon and some bling, certainly make them pop.

Material I used to make these cards:

White cardstock 
Sizzix Swiss Dot Folder
Sizzix Texture Boutique
Cricut Personal Machine
Cricut Story Book Cartridge
Computer ~ Microsoft Word
Crafter's Companion Envelope Board
Black Ribbon
Dollar Store Bling
White paper for inserts in card.
Foam dimensional stickers
Scotch glue runner and tape

Instructions for 1 card

Cut white cardstock 5"X 8"

Emboss the front of the card with Sizzix Swiss Dot Folder

Using your Cricut & Story Book Cartridge (or whatever die cut machine you have) chose the shape you chose, cutting three of them in three different sizes to form a framed layer.

Print the 'Merci' or 'Thank You' 

Cut and glue the printed Merci (Thank You) onto the smallest of the tags, then emboss all three tags. 
The tags that I used are from Story Book Cricut Cartridge, page 68, accent blackout...

Layer the three tags. Decide the layout you prefer, cut black ribbon to fit, add a bow if you wish, then place your layered, embossed tags ~ embellish with some bling!

To finish these cards, I like to cut out a piece of white paper to insert inside the card ~ you can print up a sentiment or just add your own personal words of thanks.

Envelope Please!
Crafter's Companion ~ so easy to make custom fit envelopes for your cards

Out comes my Crafter's Companion Envelope, it makes envelopes quick and oh so easy...they turn out every time in no time at all.

First, you will need a piece of white cardstock cut to 8 1/4 " square. Then using your Crafter's Companion, score lines on D & F, lower and upper score to make the envelope have more room for your card.
Fold and glue!

Silly me, I forgot to take a picture of the envelopes!! Next time~I'll try and remember!! lol but they do come out very nice and it's really so simple to use the Crafter's it for making cards and paper projects.

These cards are a very nice size, they have a nice classy look to them ~ a nice way to say 'Merci'.

Hope you enjoyed your stay, I love to hear your thoughts....hope your having a scrap~happy day!

Hugs from Nanny Donna's Corner

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Sewing Projects

Bibs, Burp~Pads & More

 These are a few of my sewing projects ~ I made matching bibs, burp~pads and slippers to sell. They were fun to make...

As you can see, the bibs are large and will fit a messy toddler just nice.. They are reversible and three layers of flannel for absorbency. I had a few smaller ones, but the babies out~grow them so fast that most people liked the larger sizes. 

The little slippers have non~skid soles...(.and no the little rocking chair is not for sale! It was mine when I was a child and both my children have grown up rocking in it, and now our grandchildren use's never been refinished, so it's all original ;)

Fleecy Bunting Bag

I also made a few of the fleece bunting bags that were great for taking the little one's out for their walks. This one is made a tad longer to fit our grand~daughter as our daughter in law loved the first one I made, and when Logan outgrew it, she asked if I could make one a little longer...and Nanny did ;)

The quilt that you see in the background was one of the first quilts that I made, there is actually a lighter green in it also but it's not showing up much in this picture.

I will have to start soon on cutting up Mr. Parker's sleepers to make him his memory quilt, looks like sometimes there are not enough hours in a day to get to do everything we would like...oh well, retirement means my time, when I want...liking that very much.

Today was an excellent day, it's the first time I had a 'honey do' list and  my hubby got right on it and in no time he had a shelf made and  put it up a shelf above my cutting table which means my table is now clear!! I can actually see the top of it and I can either cut out my material for sewing or set my paper cutter and embossing machines on it...He also put up my peg boards which I had purchased on sale at Micheal's ages little corner is really coming along.

I usually don't do the 'honey do' list, but I'm starting to think it may not be a bad idea after all!

H O N E Y.....wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;)

That's it, that's all for now, do enjoy your crafts, they keep our hands busy, our minds occupied and put a smile on our face....


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Circut Help Finding Images

What a good idea!

Yesterday while I was playing, er I mean working in my crafting corner, I had a 'oh' moment when I was searching for an image on one of my few Cricut cartridges and I thought, wouldn't it be smart to have something to help you put your hand on the right cartridge for a certain image...

Being I don't have a ton of stuff, it's fairly easy for me to know what I have in my stash, but for those of you blessed with a 'store' of your own in your craft room, I have found the perfect site for you. 

If you are searching for an image and you have soooo many Cricut cartridges and don't want to start flipping through all of them, go to My Cut Search for Cricut Cartridges . What an awesome idea and so helpful.

As I've said so many times, I do love my Cricut and trying to be as frugal as I can be, buying cartridges with many images that are your 'style' or images that can be manipulated into something totally different...I'm talking about paper punch art ~ which is using your basic shapes, circles, squares, ovals to make an image ~ allows you to get much use out of one cartridge.

I think My Cut Search will be a wonderful help for everyone. If you have a ton of cartridges, it will take less time searching on your own going through all your cartridges, now you can just type in the image you want and presto! It brings up all the cartridges that has that particular image...then you just look for the cartridge that you have.

If you are just starting out and you have an idea of what type of projects you are looking for, then type in the image or font and My Cut Search will bring up the cartridges for you. Easy! Simple and oh so smart.

Another site that I stumbled upon this morning is called Scrap Your Stash. Britten is just starting her blog and I think she has a great idea of starting to use up your stash...which we all purchased with the thought of using it but somehow it ends up collecting dust...after all we bought it because we liked it!! Right?

Hope you enjoy visiting these sites and hopefully they will help make crafting that much more fun!

Off to play in my craft room...chow for now,
from Nanny Donna's Corner

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fancied~up Birthday Card

Birthday Wishes in Style

Embossed, Layered, Stamped, Ribbons 'n' Bows
Flowers 'n' Bling
Nothing like the crisp look of navy and white ~ when I think of classy or a tad dressy, I go to navy and white! or at least that's what I'm trying to achieve! Something a little classy and well dressed for the occasion.
For some time now, I have been following Christina over at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls. Needless to say, I love her style and creativity. You could say this card was inspired by some of Christina's work, I hope it makes the grade! lol as I've been a tad shy adding's a start ;)
This little beauty 6 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches. I used my little Cricut Personal Cutter and used A Child's Year Cartridge, page 29 card ~ cut out two sizes for layers ~ one in navy (larger cut) then white for top layer... then embossed with my Big Kick and Sizzix folders.
Cut two oval scalloped edged pieces, this time with the Story Book cartridge and my little Cricut ~ cutting one in white and one in navy cardstock, one size difference between the two cuts, stamping Happy Birthday sentiment onto the smaller white scalloped oval. Emboss.
Before layering the face of my card, I attached a Navy ribbon, then layered the cuts using foam dimensional tape.
Using my Crafter's Companion bow maker, I made a double bow and glued it to the ribbon...adding three little ribbon roses to the knot of the bow....thanks to my sewing stash...
Bling, we cannot forget bling! I added some clear 'diamonds' (ya I wish they were diamonds!!) to dress it up a little.
Cut out two butterflies, different sizes, added glitter glue, then placed on the card.
Using a piece of scrap blue cardstock, I used my ek bow punch and edged one side of the cardstock then glued it to the inside of the card face...and added a little glitter glue to it.
For finishing up the inside of the card, I typed up a sentiment which read ~ May your birthday bring a smile to your face, and many blessings to your life..  printed it up...then stamped a butterfly on opposite corners of the insert.
a peek inside my card...
To hold the paper insert inside the card, I punched two small holes on the side of the fold on the card and inserted a gold stretchy cord and tied a double knot on the inside of the card...stamped with my little 'hand made with love' onto the back of the card....and yes, you could use the ribbon to attach the insert.
Next came the white cardstock envelobox. I love my Crafter's Companion. It's so easy to make an envelope that allows room for ribbons and embellishments on your cards...and quickly.
For this size of card, you need a 10 1/2 inch x 10 1/2 inch square piece of paper or cardstock.
Score at F & H, twice using the guide to make an envelobox. Fold and glue!
 Tout Finis...and Le Voila, another dandy creation all set to make someone smile.
                                                    ~ Card & Envelope~                                                  
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed your stay....
Hugs from Nanny Donna's Corner

Monday, April 8, 2013

Most used Cricut Cartridges

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Which Cartridge is Fairest of All?

Hello world! How nice it would be to never second guess yourself, and always land on your feet.  I suppose that would be lovely but since I must play in the real world and deal with real budgets, I have to pick and chose wisely...or at least, think things through.

I don't know a crafter out there that doesn't end up seeing something new and improved and it's just calling out your name...BUT reality is ~ Do You Really Need It? or do you just WANT it?

Seldom do I just purchase something on a whim, I try to behave in an 'adult' responsible manner and not get caught up in the 'I want' stage and not appreciating what I DO HAVE.

...and that brings me right back to can I justify purchasing another die cutting machine? Reality is, I do have this little Cricut and I love it ~ but there are times when it doesn't cut as clean as I would like and there is the issue with keeping mats sticky...but other than that, it works fine...just can't connect it to my computer and play with different fonts, or images...but the cartridges come with sooooo many cuts, fonts, words and sayings...
Like I've said before, depending on which cartridges you purchase, and what kind of crafting you are doing, you can stretch the use by being...creative ;)

I have only 7 cartridges, one of which came with my machine...There are not very many projects that I see that I can't duplicate with a twist to make it my own with what cartridges I have.

These are the 7 cartridges going from most used (my favorites) to least used.

#1. Would have to be Storybook...I use it for most of my projects. Flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies,owl, tree branch, scalloped circles, squares, rectangles...fonts...I can't say enough about this one cartridge...this is the cartridge that I make my layered 'Nestabilities' copy cat cut outs for my cards. Just so much I can do with this cartridge...and I purchased it on Ebay for under $25.00

#2 George and Basic Shapes ~ I know, the one cartridge that came with my machine. I just find that I keep going back to it for tags, numbers, circles, brackets, flowers, diamond, squares...just so many useful cuts.

#3 A Child's Year ~ this cartridge has a little something for every holiday! Birthday cake, cupcakes, silhouettes, chics to bunny rabbits. Umbrella, flowers, hearts,, books...hands, bird, duck...just wonderful...and so many uses for these images. Again, I purchased this cartridge on Ebay for $25.00

Now the other four cartridges, I use but not as often as I reach for the above three cartridges...then again, it depends on the project I'm working on....and since I make mostly cards and mini albums, the above three cartridges have the shapes that I use the most.

Country life is a fun cartridge and when banners came into focus, I was ready! Country life has a little of everything ~ country~ horses, pigs, sheep, lambs, cows, rubber boots...anything country, you can pretty much find it. There is a chair, apron, watering can, flowers, corn on the cob and so much more...and again, I purchased it online....I try not to pay more than $25.00 for my cartridges...

Freshly Picked cartridge is full of garden stuff, signs, flowers, hat, gloves, garden gate and trellis, shovel, Gnomes, mushrooms, garden stakes, seed packages, and I love the rubber boots!wheelbarrow, spade, rake, scissors, vegetables...everything you need for a garden!!

Paisley and Once Upon a Princess cartridges are tied as for the number of times I reach for them. Paisley has the cutest bumble bee, snail, monkeys, and I love the lady bug, dragonfly, elephant, sunglasses, frogs, stars and hearts...owl, butterfly and flowers....rubber boots, umbrella, high top running shoes! I've used the purse cut out to make a purse card for my daughter ~ she loves purses and shoes!! Hair dryer, bows and cell phone, music notes and I can't forget the giraffe driving a car! Unicorn and princess all in all, these cartridges certainly do give many usable cuts...and I haven't even gone into the fonts and phrases on each cartridge.

Once Upon a Princess cartridge has so much also...from girls and clothing, crowns, cowboy hat, tags, frogs, and castles. Cupcakes, bows, rainbows and gift boxes. Teapot, flowers and a wand to make.

Paisley is another fun cartridge that I use, lots of fun images, popular images like the owl, lady bug, bumble bee and so much more. 

I have read a few blogs that say it's expensive purchasing cartridges, and I do agree, but if you can find them for a good price, look at the number of designs per cartridge...if you had to pay $1.00 per cut, then the cartridges would be very expensive for sure.

When purchasing cartridges, I always look for one that I don't have duplicate cuts that I already own.

As it is now, the only cartridge that I've been looking at is one with frames ~ and I'm just looking as I can cut out tags with my cricut, and emboss them either with my Texture Boutique or Big Kick or I can just emboss the edges using my Crafter's Companion.

Yes, it is more time consuming doing it that way, but I'm in no hurry...I'm retired! and have all the time in the world...well, that is until life gets in the way of my crafting time!! lol

So after writing this up, I am thinking, why purchase another machine? As it is I have two machines that can cut out dies. My Cricut and my Big Kick.

In all honesty, I purchased the Big Kick simply to emboss larger areas than my little Embossing Boutique...have not cut anything with Big Kick yet!! Will have to give it a try, but I shudder at the cost of the dies for this machine and for the cost??? is it worth it? Pay $25.00 for one to three different sizes of the same cut? Perhaps if they were a little more reasonable in price it would be more enticing for me.

Mmm, saying all this, I'm still curious about Silhouette Cameo and the Ecraft...but do I need one? No, guess I don't....for now ;) and what cost per image? Wonder which die cutting machine is truly most cost effective? Guess it depends on what you are crafting, what types of projects...and are you being paid for your crafts or doing them just to keep buys and out of trouble ;)

Crafting does not have to be hard on the wallet, if we really think things through...although, sometimes it would be fun to just jump on the band~wagon and do it!! lol

...and that day may come sooner than I think!! but until then, I'm grateful for my little Cricut!! and my little (very little) collection of cartridges.

Just notes from a rambling crafter...hope your having a scrap~happy day!
Rambling Nanny Donna 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

~A Little Crochet Time~

If The Shoe Fits!

~I love this pattern~

Ah, baby blue, white and black...nice! This is what I've been working on lately. Recently I was asked to join a group of crafters over at Crafters Corner Cafe at g+ and I kept seeing all their lovely crochet work and my fingers got itching for when I was out and about, I picked up some yarn (Red Heart Worsted Weight yarn) and away I went.

It was relaxing crocheting while watching T.V. at night, and it kept my fingers busy without snacking!! So it's basically a win~win situation.

The pattern is easy to follow, with your basic stitches. Being a lazy crocheter, I did not make a sample swatch to see if I had the correct number of stitches to the number of rows, but I had made one pair of these long time ago and I knew that in order for the pattern to fit my foot ( size 6 1/2 ~7 shoe size) I had to make the largest child size to fit me.

I am very happy at how my little crochet project turned out...guess it's like riding a bike! One never really forgets.

Now, I will go back to my paper crafting and see what I can come up with next ;)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a fantastic day! The sun is shinning here and it's looking fine....

Chow for now from Nanny Donna's Corner,

Friday, April 5, 2013

~Weight Loss Journal~

Bind It All Journal

This was my first attempt at binding with one of my new toys, the Zutter Bind It All machine. I certainly have a few things to learn when using the Bind It All, but it is easy to use, and I'm sure if you actually watch the videos on it, you wouldn't make some of the mistakes I made ;)

This journal was made for myself!! Yes, a gift for me to me ;) 

If any of you have tried losing weight, you know how difficult it is and to top it off we start to cheat by not counting a bite here and there and the next thing you know, the darn weight is right back on.

If you write down everything that you put in your mouth, you soon see where all the extra calories are coming from and why the weight won't come off.
This journal was made with that in mind. I loved how it was going and the next thing I know I have six pages, with pockets and pull tabs, all kinds of little cards for recipes, notes to myself, and of course the Weight Watchers Target Point Keeper.

Since I wanted it cheery, I chose soft pastels and crisp white...adding bling wherever I could.

The one problem that I had was that my pages are soooo thick and that's without me adding any extra paper to it...

I only noticed how to punch the holes correctly AFTER I had already started punching top and then bottom holes...oh well, trial and error.

Can you spot some Maya Road Embellishments?

I recycled a toilet paper roll and a gum sleeve and made cute tag holders.

Brought out my handy Crafter's Companion Envelope Maker Board and made myself an envelope to add another pocket, tied it with ribbon and le voila!

I'm loving the wooden butterfly, which I colored with my Bic Mark It Markers, then added some glitter...what's a project without butterflies ;)

Took some double sided scrapbooking paper, stamped them and added them for either recipes, pictures of my journey, little notes and reminders....

...and naturally, I would use my trusty Cricut to cut out some scalloped cards, doubled them up, add a touch of color with my Mark It Markers, add bling..stamp it...and yet another space to add a little sentiment, words of encouragement...

Can you spot where I used a strip of Washi Tape? Hint, it's blue and white... 

All in all I love this journal, it's a tad bulky but has so many cute cuts, stamps, sentiments and pockets galore  that it ended up being a little too bulky for a cover and a little too bulky for the o~wire that I I'm looking at binding it with an accordion fold spine with duct tape as added support for this chunky monkey!! lol

I loved the little ruler that came in my bucket of fun from Maya Road, again, Thank You  Maya Road...and better yet, I still have a lot of goodies to play around with from my win.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions about this project, feel free to drop me a line ;) Hope your having a very happy, crafty day....

Chow for now
           from Nanny Donna's Corner

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunshine is out...and so am I !

Has Spring Sprung Yet?

It's another windy day here, but the sun is out and shinning bright. Looks like spring just may be coming our way although just a few minutes ago I heard that it's suppose to either rain or perhaps some flurries on Sunday! Really? 

My better half and I are trying to get our 'routine' down since retirement, but so far it's been a case of getting up with no plans cemented down. We just kind of do whatever! At times I feel like I'm going around in circles and not getting anything accomplished.

I have to laugh as it's like two kids in a candy shop, we just can't decide on what we want to do!! lol When you have the freedom to come and go, all of a sudden it seems like there are too many choices! I know, it must sound silly but it's true.

So far he heads out into his workshop and is happy. He has built two lawn chairs and will be making two tables to match...we certainly are a match when it comes down to it. We both like being at home, love to read and make things! and I will get some pics up of his accomplishments. 

I have been playing around in the craft room, but mostly cleaning and going through a lot of 'stuff'. I have two large garbage bags filled with stuff that I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I kept it...the difference between crafting and hording...may be a fine line there ;()

My room is a combination of all my crafts. Sewing, knitting, crochet, needle point, cross stitch, paper's a multi ~tasking room! and I must not forget the kiddie corner where the grandchildren have their table and chair, crayons and markers...

I've been invited to join a group at Crafter's Corner Cafe. I have been having a great time meeting new crafters, new projects and I'm loving it....but needless to say, many of the crafters crochet and since I do crotchet also, it got my fingers itching to start playing with wool....and guess what I came home with?

If you guessed got it right! lol Just what I needed, another project on the go...but the nice thing about crocheting is that I can do it at night while watching T.V.

I have several patterns (ya, in my multi~tasking craft room) and since I had just cleaned up the pile of books and magazines, I knew right where to look and naturally, I have two containers of yarn but not the type I wanted, nor the color! Isn't that always how it goes? Crafting keeps me in stitches ;)

Well, enough rambling, have much to do today...for one Chelsea, our Blue Merle Sheltie needs a bag of food and I do have a bit of running around to do...hopefully I'll get in the craft room at some point in time does get in my way for crafting at times...but there is always tomorrow ;)

Thanks for stopping by and hope life doesn't get in the way too often so you can have a happy crafting day.

chow for now,
from Nanny Donna's Corner

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cricut Giveaway!!

Yes, it's true. Cartridges & More are giving away a sweet Cricut Package. Some lucky person can win a Cricut mini machine. How great is that?

I love my Cricut, you can do so much with it. Like I've said before, with just a few good cartridges, the sky is the limit!!

All you have to do is go to Cartridges & More on Facebook and look for the contest. 

Good Luck everyone...pass it on ;)

Easter Pop Up Cards

Somebunny Loves You!

These two pop up cards were made for my two grandsons. They made an excellent parking zone for their Hot Wheels and two more were 'parked' in the 'garage' part of the card ;)

Can you tell I love blue? 

These two cards were made with the help of my Crafter's Companion, my Cricut and some imagination ;)

Once the idea was hatched, the cards went together really easy. This year, I decided to make all four grandchildrens' Easter cards the same with a little variation to each one.
Not use to using stamps and coloring but I gave it a shot and found out that I love playing around with the stamps and coloring.

For the grass, I just cut two strips of cardstock and started cutting into them. Cut out the bunny rabbits with my little Cricut,  added a little white for their tails, outlined them with my dark brown Mark It Markers, I added dimensional stickers to them and placed them in the grass.

Added some flower eyelets, a dragonfly eyelet, cut out some carrots and glued them together, tied with some twine, adding depth to the carrots with my Mark It Markers.

Stamped the sayings, stamped my little fellow with his big Easter egg, colored and Le Voila!

These are the products I used to make this project:

eyelets from
Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool from
Cricut Personal Cutter from 
Cricut Cartridge A Child's Year
Freshly Picked
Two sided tape
Dimensional Foam Stickers
Bic Mark It Markers
~Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps ~
Close to My Heart Ink Pads
and a little imagination ;)

Thanks for stopping by and hoping you had a very happy Easter.
Chow for now,
from Nanny Donna's Corner