Monday, April 8, 2013

Most used Cricut Cartridges

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Which Cartridge is Fairest of All?

Hello world! How nice it would be to never second guess yourself, and always land on your feet.  I suppose that would be lovely but since I must play in the real world and deal with real budgets, I have to pick and chose wisely...or at least, think things through.

I don't know a crafter out there that doesn't end up seeing something new and improved and it's just calling out your name...BUT reality is ~ Do You Really Need It? or do you just WANT it?

Seldom do I just purchase something on a whim, I try to behave in an 'adult' responsible manner and not get caught up in the 'I want' stage and not appreciating what I DO HAVE.

...and that brings me right back to can I justify purchasing another die cutting machine? Reality is, I do have this little Cricut and I love it ~ but there are times when it doesn't cut as clean as I would like and there is the issue with keeping mats sticky...but other than that, it works fine...just can't connect it to my computer and play with different fonts, or images...but the cartridges come with sooooo many cuts, fonts, words and sayings...
Like I've said before, depending on which cartridges you purchase, and what kind of crafting you are doing, you can stretch the use by being...creative ;)

I have only 7 cartridges, one of which came with my machine...There are not very many projects that I see that I can't duplicate with a twist to make it my own with what cartridges I have.

These are the 7 cartridges going from most used (my favorites) to least used.

#1. Would have to be Storybook...I use it for most of my projects. Flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies,owl, tree branch, scalloped circles, squares, rectangles...fonts...I can't say enough about this one cartridge...this is the cartridge that I make my layered 'Nestabilities' copy cat cut outs for my cards. Just so much I can do with this cartridge...and I purchased it on Ebay for under $25.00

#2 George and Basic Shapes ~ I know, the one cartridge that came with my machine. I just find that I keep going back to it for tags, numbers, circles, brackets, flowers, diamond, squares...just so many useful cuts.

#3 A Child's Year ~ this cartridge has a little something for every holiday! Birthday cake, cupcakes, silhouettes, chics to bunny rabbits. Umbrella, flowers, hearts,, books...hands, bird, duck...just wonderful...and so many uses for these images. Again, I purchased this cartridge on Ebay for $25.00

Now the other four cartridges, I use but not as often as I reach for the above three cartridges...then again, it depends on the project I'm working on....and since I make mostly cards and mini albums, the above three cartridges have the shapes that I use the most.

Country life is a fun cartridge and when banners came into focus, I was ready! Country life has a little of everything ~ country~ horses, pigs, sheep, lambs, cows, rubber boots...anything country, you can pretty much find it. There is a chair, apron, watering can, flowers, corn on the cob and so much more...and again, I purchased it online....I try not to pay more than $25.00 for my cartridges...

Freshly Picked cartridge is full of garden stuff, signs, flowers, hat, gloves, garden gate and trellis, shovel, Gnomes, mushrooms, garden stakes, seed packages, and I love the rubber boots!wheelbarrow, spade, rake, scissors, vegetables...everything you need for a garden!!

Paisley and Once Upon a Princess cartridges are tied as for the number of times I reach for them. Paisley has the cutest bumble bee, snail, monkeys, and I love the lady bug, dragonfly, elephant, sunglasses, frogs, stars and hearts...owl, butterfly and flowers....rubber boots, umbrella, high top running shoes! I've used the purse cut out to make a purse card for my daughter ~ she loves purses and shoes!! Hair dryer, bows and cell phone, music notes and I can't forget the giraffe driving a car! Unicorn and princess all in all, these cartridges certainly do give many usable cuts...and I haven't even gone into the fonts and phrases on each cartridge.

Once Upon a Princess cartridge has so much also...from girls and clothing, crowns, cowboy hat, tags, frogs, and castles. Cupcakes, bows, rainbows and gift boxes. Teapot, flowers and a wand to make.

Paisley is another fun cartridge that I use, lots of fun images, popular images like the owl, lady bug, bumble bee and so much more. 

I have read a few blogs that say it's expensive purchasing cartridges, and I do agree, but if you can find them for a good price, look at the number of designs per cartridge...if you had to pay $1.00 per cut, then the cartridges would be very expensive for sure.

When purchasing cartridges, I always look for one that I don't have duplicate cuts that I already own.

As it is now, the only cartridge that I've been looking at is one with frames ~ and I'm just looking as I can cut out tags with my cricut, and emboss them either with my Texture Boutique or Big Kick or I can just emboss the edges using my Crafter's Companion.

Yes, it is more time consuming doing it that way, but I'm in no hurry...I'm retired! and have all the time in the world...well, that is until life gets in the way of my crafting time!! lol

So after writing this up, I am thinking, why purchase another machine? As it is I have two machines that can cut out dies. My Cricut and my Big Kick.

In all honesty, I purchased the Big Kick simply to emboss larger areas than my little Embossing Boutique...have not cut anything with Big Kick yet!! Will have to give it a try, but I shudder at the cost of the dies for this machine and for the cost??? is it worth it? Pay $25.00 for one to three different sizes of the same cut? Perhaps if they were a little more reasonable in price it would be more enticing for me.

Mmm, saying all this, I'm still curious about Silhouette Cameo and the Ecraft...but do I need one? No, guess I don't....for now ;) and what cost per image? Wonder which die cutting machine is truly most cost effective? Guess it depends on what you are crafting, what types of projects...and are you being paid for your crafts or doing them just to keep buys and out of trouble ;)

Crafting does not have to be hard on the wallet, if we really think things through...although, sometimes it would be fun to just jump on the band~wagon and do it!! lol

...and that day may come sooner than I think!! but until then, I'm grateful for my little Cricut!! and my little (very little) collection of cartridges.

Just notes from a rambling crafter...hope your having a scrap~happy day!
Rambling Nanny Donna