Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tilley Gone Bad

Who Peed on My Tilley?

Pity you can't see just how yellow and discolored my Tilley was.

 This picture does no justice to what color my Tilley came out after washing it. The sad part of it~ I have had this hat since 2001 and it looked brand new...until the last washing.

 It came out a nasty yellow which made it look like our Sheltie had peed on it...just not nice at all and to add to the lovely color, there were dark marks around one of the grommets and top of the hat. All in all, I did not want to wear it anymore...and like I said, the hat looked new. I had washed it many times before and never had this problem. ;(

You can kind of see where the darker spots were.
Anyhoooow, I emailed Tilley with photos and an explanation since I've have all my tags and papers that came with the hat AND their wonderful Life Time Warranty ~ which of course does not count in this case...and knowing how most companies who make BIG PROMISES have a loop hole to scurry through when called upon, I asked if I could dye my I knew what their answer was going to be!

This is the email they sent back to me:

Dear Ms Chartrand,
Thank you for contacting Tilley. It looks like your hat had a chemical reaction with the detergent used. The hat in the photo is our Nylon LT5. Unfortunately, nylon cannot be dyed.
Unfortunately, the hat insurance warranty has expired. However, we will be happy to offer you with a 10% discount off the current price of a new Tilley hat.

The LT5 was replaced with the LTM5. We also have the LT5B available.

You may place your order over our website at, under “Shopping Bag”, make sure the Canadian/International site is listed. If not, click on the flag and select the "Canadian/International" site.

Please put the following code in the coupon box of the order, located on the 1st page of your cart. The code is ......... When entering a coupon code you need to click the apply button located next to the coupon box. If you do not click apply, the code will not be applied.


 Oh, wait, I'll rush out to purchases another Tilley (I have another winter one and my husband has 3 or 4) at a whopping 10% off! NOT.

Don't get me wrong, we love our Tilleys and they are a wonderful hat. This is the first time I have ever had any problems with them and they have been through many camping trips, bad weather and they have always come through for us...and yes they do float! I fell out of a canoe, I sank, my Tilley floated! lol

Soooo, me being me, I decided since I would not wear the lovely pee yellow hat, the next best thing would be to try to dye it and see what happens. I mean, worse came to worse, it would come out blotchy but another color?

I used Rite, Kelly Green liquid tint. Read the instructions and did it right in my kitchen sink. Filled the sink with hot water, 1 cup salt ( I used course salt, should of used fine salt) and 1 cup Vinegar as the bottle said. Used the entire bottle of tint, stirred it up then added my pee yellow Tilley...duh, Tilley's float!! So I used two large glass measuring cups to keep it from floating up.

The tint said to time it for 30 minutes, but I could see that this material was not holding the color very well, so I decided to leave it for another 30 + minutes.

Finally, I decided o.k., enough waiting, did I mention that I am impatient? lol

Cleaned out the sink, filled it with cold water and more salt and swished it around until the water ran clear from the hat.

Rinsed it under the running tap. No color was running from it. All is good, but I could see that the color was not even, but more like tie-died?

My Kelly Green Tilley ~ one of a kind Tilley for one of a kind Donna!

I remembered that I had a scarf that I had purchased with my Tilley hat, so I dug it out and added it to the braided shoes laces that I had on my Tilley for decoration!!

All in all, I think I did o.k., the color is not an even color, there are some blotchy areas but it is at least a color that I can put up with ~ as long as the color does not bleed through and turn my hair green...although, in all honesty, it would not be the first time that I had green hair!! now that, is another story for another time!

You can see the uneven colors...just adds character!

Yup, it is a Dyed Tilley!
So Mr. Tilley, I still love my Tilley and will be wearing it wherever whenever and when someone asks me how did I get my Tilley this color, you can bet your bottom dollar, I will be telling them. Chemical reaction and all....Life Time Waranty ~ ha! 10% no thanks.

A shaded view of Tilley Life Time Waranty ~ green with envy? lol

Take care, never say never...

ps. here is a picture of our Blue Merle Sheltie ~ Chelsea and No she did not pee on my hat!
Our ol' girl is 10 years old! and loves camping with us.

 Thanks for stopping by and comments are always welcomed.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sensationail by Nailene ~ Review

Gel Nails Starter Kit

I don't know about you, but my nails are horrible, with a capital H! Honestly you would think that I work digging and scratching in a rock pile or something. They have become brittle, thin and just nasty. I keep seeing all these lovely tutorials on YouTube and see all those lovely ladies with the pretty nails and I just want to ask them 'how do you maintain such beautiful nails AND find time to do crafting and housework?'

I have my certificates in artificial nails and all the hoopla that went along with Hairstyling, but nails were never, ever something I enjoyed doing or attempting to do on myself...just like my hair...loved playing in other people's hair but not my own.

I've always loved having nice nails, couldn't sit still long enough to let them dry properly and yes, I always ended up with smudges and a few choice words when this happened.

Been looking for some time now at the Gel Nail kits and sat on the fence wondering if I should or shouldn't and of course cost factor came into play too. I mean, knowing how rough I am on my nails, how much is too much to pay for something that is going to last only a couple of days...right?

My daughter in law finally convinced me to treat myself ~ not that she had to push too hard, and I decided to give it a shot.

I must say, this is the first time that I have played with any gel nail kits with a curing light for at home applications. So far, I have to say I am impressed.

Directions are clear, easy to use and I'm happy with the end result ~ so far!

This is a pic of my nasty nails ~

They just refuse to grow without peeling and breaking so I thought I'd use a gel nail kit to try and make them a little easier on the eye and hopefully help them stop breaking...although my experience with artificial nails, including gel nails do not help your natural nail...brain knows this, but mentality says go for it!

I am not a patient person when dealing with nails, so needless to say I may not of applied this product as neatly as it should be. I did not find the timing bad at all, and soon I had a more appealing hand with shinny Chiffon Pink nails.

One handed shots are not soooo easy to take!! lol  Pink Chiffon is a light color and looks natural for the summer.

I will be looking forward to seeing how well they stand up over time, as I swim pretty much on a daily basis and my hands are always into something. Gloves are for winter, so I don't baby my hands when I'm digging in the garden or doing any housework...Sensationail has it's work cut out for sure!

One easy, neat product, comes with everything you need to start you off and it states that it will do up to 10 complete manicures ~ we shall see! But even if it only does three or four, for the price of the starter kit, it just may be the very thing I need for those special occasions where I have to play dress up and be 'lady like'...not sure I can pull that one

I purchased my kit at Walmart in Massena, N. Y. for $49.99 and it came with the LED Lamp, Gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish ~ Pink Chiffon~ gel base & top coat, lint~free wipes, double~sided nail buffer and manicure stick.

Because it's such a light color, I applied three coats, also because my nails are so thin and weak, it adds a little 'tough' coat, making my nails firmer. 

All in all, I am pleased with my purchase and now it's going to be the test of time to see how long it will last. Now, as a rule, when I did get my nails done, professionally, they did not last the two weeks manicure last more than a couple of days before it is chipped, cracked or peeling ~ yes, that is how hard I am on these ol' hands. So Sensationail ~ let's see what you're made out of!! and how well will you stand up to the test of time.

Thank you for stopping in, all comments are welcomed and encouraged!! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Blog Button Help

Go Ahead, Grab My Button!
~well, not this one, but the one on the side ~

I finally managed to make a 'grab me button' which I've been meaning to do for some time now...but like everything else, it kind of slipped my mind...yes, there are days that I do have a Teflon brain, nothing sticks....anyhooow, I did play around with images that I really liked, but failed to get it the right size, or that people could actually see.

 Below is one I played with a free download in Daisy Trail which works with Craft Artist, Gold Edition. I used different layers to build it to what you see.
I really loved this little button, but I would of had to play around with it much more than I was willing to. Techno whiz burn out!!
First I had to decide on a picture that I wanted to use ~ I know I should of put more thought into it or time, but it's one of those areas that just is not my strong I grabbed a picture of my last chipboard project ~ it's sunny and bright and had a blank space for me to type in my blog name ~ and it was something I did design, so it's all mine ;)
Chose the Cover of this little mini as my photo

Brought that picture into Picmonkey, an online photo editing site and may I add that it's FREE, which I love.
First I had read to re-size it to 125 X 125 or largest being 200 X 200 pixels. Sooo, I did that first, then I played around with it, re~adjusted a few things, added text and I was ready to add it to my blog. I chose to resize 200 X 200 pixels or the closest to that size. Saved it to my computer, then using  Grab My Button Code Generator..I filled in the information that it asked for, previewed what it would look like and added it to my blog. Yup, that simple. 

I did not play around with the 'choose your colors and code box options, not brave enough for that one!! lol KISS ~ keep it simple stupid!! Yup, KISS.

Some day it would be marvelous if I truly understood AND retained what I learned to be able to design my own blog layout or whatever you call it, but for now, I'm enjoying playing around with hands on crafts...and a little digital, graphic stuff in the mix...until then, I'm back in my crafty little corner, cutting, gluing and KISS mode ;)

Thank you for stopping by, and please Grab My Button!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flower Power

Another Chipboard Project

For someone who doesn't play much with ready made chipboard, I've certainly been having some fun with them.

This is one little project just waiting for the finishing touches. All I did was select matching paper, a few embellishments, a few doily cuts from my Silhouette, a little glitter and glue and soon I was on a role.

First I glued the printed paper onto the card stock, then trimmed the extra paper off, used a matching Bic Mark It and stained the edges. 

Brought out some sandpaper and roughed up the edges a tad,  then out came some glitter! What's flower power with some bling? I mean really!
I colored, glued, glittered and added a ready made embellishment and now they are waiting for pictures and perhaps a few sentiments/wishes and turn this little chipboard project into another memory keeper for Nanny & Popo's little princess!
So much you can do with these little numbers and to think I picked them up at Michael's for $1.00 ~ now that is what I call smart crafting!

I added a little ribbon for a finishing touch. What do you all think? Will it pass the cut test?

Wishing one and all a happy, safe summer of crafting.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hubby's New Past Time

I'm Loving It!

Oh La~La Popo, C'est beau! You can see our Shelty snoozing (back corner near planter!)

Since my hubby retired, he took up woodworking and is enjoying it immensely. First thing he made was some flower boxes for our deck. These he made out of our son's old fence posts! He sanded them down, cut them to the right sizes and soon he had our two done and an order for two more!! His son and wife wanted a set, same as ours.

The flower box in the corner with our new chairs...ooh La La! C'est Beau Popo!

Next he decided since gardening is a little tough on the ol' back, he built a stand for me to plant some tomato plants or whatever I wanted...unfortunately, I did not get the ground yet to put in it and right now the kids are using it to store their 'splash pad' toys! It works ;)

My planter box, now used for a splash pad toy box!

Soon he was searching for wood patterns and decided building a set of chairs and two end tables for our deck. I love them! We still have to buy the cushions for them, or I could make them, but I think I have enough projects on the go as it is ;) 

I think he did a wonderful job. All they need is their new cushions.

As you can see, he didn't waste any time getting busy with another woodworking project...but I'll keep that for another day! For someone who did not have any experience in woodworking, I think he did an amazing job! What a go Popo! 

Sooo many people kept asking us, 'what are you going to do with all your spare time'...well, looks like he's adjusting just fine ;) No need to worry what he'll be up to.

As long as the sawdust is flying, he's a happy man ~ and I'm certainly not complaining!

So all in all, we are enjoying retirement to the max.

I can see us enjoying our backyard this summer, yup, all is good here at Nanny ~ Popo's....mmm, wonder what else he'll come up with?

Keep well, be happy and keep on crafting ;)

Nanny & Popo's crafting corner,


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birthday Book & Lego Cup Cake Wrappers

Who is 5? Make a Wish

                                                      Birthday Set...a la Lego...

Someone who is dear to our heart turned 5 on July 9th! Yes, our little grandson Liam spent his birthday at Nanny Donna's & Popo's. According to Mr. Liam, his 'real' birthday will be celebrated on Sunday as that's when his birthday party will be hosted. 

His 'real' birthday party will be Lego theme and his mother is wonderful at designing cakes ~ so I can't wait to see what she does this year. She had asked if I could make the cupcake wrappers in the bright colors that Lego's come in. 

I purchased the bright colored card stock at Michael's and a large Sizzix polka~dot embossing folder in the hopes of making them look like the base plates of Legos. 

Out came my Silhouette Cameo! yay!! I had a pattern for cupcake wrappers but once I made one or two and showed them to Lynn, we decided to make them a little larger ~ no problem. It is sooo easy to work in the Silhouette program, I altered the pattern with no problem at all.

After that, it was a simple case of slapping on the bright colored card stock and sending the cut to the Silhouette and presto ~ out popped my cupcake wrappers all set to be embossed!

I have to admit, out of 38 + cuts, twice I buggered up the cuts...and it was my own fault for loading the mat wrong ;(  BUT I am sooooo impressed with the way this machine whizzes through spitting out cut after cut perfectly. Wow!

While the machine was spitting out the cupcake wrappers, I brought out my Big Kick and got busy embossing. Don't recall if I mentioned that I alter my embossing folders, but this is what I do:


 To alter your embossing folders to accommodate longer pieces of card stock, I cut in the groove of an opened embossing folder and cut a slit across the fold, making sure NOT TO CUT TO THE EDGES which would be tricky to keep your patterns in line when embossing....well, at least I would have difficulty getting it to match up again ;)

This helps to match for a continued embossing pattern and less of a line in your work....and here is my bright colored, Lego embossed cupcake wrappers....just waiting for Lynn's decorated birthday cupcakes!

Now that was a piece of cake! (Just had to and pun intended!) on to making a little birthday book for Mr. Liam.

I thought it would be fun to make a book and add a little personalized touch to it...just for Liam.

Using up my stash, I remembered that I had purchased a few chipboard albums at Michael's when they were on out it freaking easy to use these little albums. Chose the paper, used up the left over card stock from my cupcake wrappers and went to town.

Silhouette cut out the letters perfectly ~ just had to glue them in his little birthday book. Added a few stickers as embellishment and in no time his birthday book was done.

I liked this page, I used it to write little love notes 

This was a great space to write 'this little books was made with love for Liam by Nanny Donna'

My Silhouette and Big Kick played very well together!! 
I do have to admit, Liam decided that the ribbons were not necessary!! lol so off they came.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this little project ~ 

Yay! for chipboard, Silhouette and Big Kick ~ ya, all is good in the craft room ;)


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Silhouette Cameo & Sketching


Black Sketch Pen in Silhouette Cameo

I'm still in the learning process with my newest toy, the Silhouette Cameo. I purchased the sketching pens on and patiently waited until they arrived. I had been checking out different You Tube videos for everything and anything Silhouette Cameo ~ had to keep busy somehow!! lol

Naturally, I saw some pretty awesome sketches and decided I just had to try it out. Googled Spiderman and found this coloring page and thought it looked pretty cool. Saved it as all files and brought it into the Silhouette Cameo studio to play with.

This is what the image ends up like before sketching.

What I normally do is bring my little Blackberry Playbook downstairs with me and play any You Tube tutorials on it and follow the directions on my laptop! Solves the problem of having to either write it down and try it out or split screen views ~ which I'm not a fan of, specially on a laptop...

It was pretty easy to do, but in all honesty, I'm thinking that I could of just as easily of printed it up on a printer! So I'm left thinking ~ will I use this feature much? I can just send an image to my printer through the Silhouette Studio program, it can place the registration mark on the printed image  THEN you can just cut it out with your Silhouette! In other words, it can take a printed image off your printer, and cut around the outer edge to make an embellishment! Now that my friends is what I call Cool. Just imagine how many things you can dream up, print and cut!!

Sketching Spiderman

I'm thinking cha~ching!! I can hear the savings on going out and attempting to find the 'perfect' embellishment that goes with a certain color theme or pattern. I can literally scan an image ( my paper background) bring it into the Silhouette Cameo Studio, play around with it and send it to my printer, making sure to add the registration mark so that when I load it into my Silhouette that it will be able to read where to start cutting....oh, my! (Well, in theory I'm suppose to be able to do this) 

Had to try writing something and then sketch it.

Again, I just selected the font and size I wanted and then sent it to the Silhouette and it nicely sketched Happy Birthday Liam! O.k., I like it but again, will I use it much? Weeelllll, I'm thinking when you are designing cards or even layouts in the Studio, it would be nice to be able to design the entire card or project and be able to place the 'sketched' sentiments or words exactly where you want them and just pass it through to the Silhouette where it can cut the desired design, replace the blade with a pen, reload your mat and your sentiment will be sketched right where you want it. Now that sounds like something I could live with ;)   I'm all for 'easy' these days.

Like I said, I haven't had much chance to play lately, but I'm still loving my new toy ~ Silhouette Cameo Rocks! 

Now the thing is this, with my new toy, I have to learn how to put my library images onto a memory stick for back up AND there is the fact that I could bring my little Cricut along with me camping with the few cartridges that I have and be able to craft any old time. Now with the Silhouette, I would have to bring my laptop, making sure that any images that I'd want to work with is downloaded before I left....soooo which machine would I bring with me? lol No room for both!!

I'm thinking that anything working with a computer can get 'lost' and specially with my lack of techno smarts ~ well, I can see someday going 'oh crap what just happened? and will I be able to fix it? Guess I should look into this before it's a problem? lol  and just maybe I shouldn't jinx myself, think positive Donna, You Can Do It!! Ya, right!! you silly woman ;)

Just another day in Nanny Donna's Corner, thanks for stopping by, now go and create!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Yay! For Chipboard!!

Hello Nice & Easy

Thank Goodness for Joann's Fabric & Craft sales!! & Basic Grey

Well, all I can say is hooray for these easy little chipboard mini album from Basic Grey! When the old fingers and wrists are acting up and holding you up from playing with the fun things in life ~ these little mini albums are supper easy to add just a few little extras and Le Voila ~ you have a neat little project that takes very little time to create, easier on the old hands and gives you a sense of taking back something you enjoy.

The color is washed out and does nothing for this cute little mini...

                      ~Just peel and stick a few embellishments ~ 

                                                     ~room for journaling or a photo~

                 What project can survive without at least one butterfly? or maybe two!

Just Love how easy it goes together ~ easy on the hands ~ easy on the eyes ;)

pretty in pink ;)

Check out the Guest Check!!                                                                                                        

                  I love, love, love the stamp in the corner with the birds! 

This is Peachy for sure! First time I've ever, and I do mean EVER took the easy road and you know what? I'm liking it a whole bunch. Yup, back in the saddle and enjoying the view! This Nanny may have cranky fingers and wrist (not to mention the rest of me!!lol) but thanks to the wonderful sales at Joann's and Basic Grey and I'm back to playing in my craft room....and loving it. 

These would be wonderful for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to create, and don't want to put out a large amount of money into something they are not sure they will like or have time to do. They are wonderful and easy to work with, usually there is an entire line of matching embellishments that make it soooo easy to put together. 

I can picture having a few friends over at the end of summer to make a few of these little mini albums for all those fabulous photos of family get together s, BBQ's, vacations...oh my, the list can be who love paper crafting could have a birthday party where they sit down and make up their own mini albums to go home with!  Baby showers ~ get the guest to make up baby albums!! because we all know just how many photos we can take in a year!

Michael's often have them on for $1.00 (they are usually the plain cardstock) and this one I purchased at Joann's Fabric and Craft store in the States and it was very inexpensive, the embellishments came in packages and were marked down to 99 cents! Can't go wrong with that and what was nice, the pages were already done up, just had to add a few little embellishments, a little glitter, ribbon...

Now, I wonder what other fun stuff I've stashed away and forgot about ~ you know the stuff we buy thinking it's a wonderful bargain that we just can't pass up but is put away for a rainy day? Well, this was one of those and I'm very glad that I picked it up. If my mind is working right, I'm sure I've purchased a few other 'deals' at Michael's and Big Lots ~ now where did I put those chipboards?? Think Nanny, think!!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their crafty projects. Work smart, we have but one body and no~body can last forever if we don't take care of it!! 

What is on your crafting table?

Take care,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Celebrate!

Life is about celebrating and today Canada is doing just that. Happy Canada Day!! Enjoy! In life there are many things to celebrate and weddings are one of those special what better way to get back on track than celebrating a friend's wedding with this little card.

I still cannot get over the intricate, clean cuts my Silhouette Cameo is giving me...there are just so many good things about it...can you guess I am loving it when I do get a chance to play? lol  Pity this picture doesn't do the card justice, but it truly is remarkable how clean cut and lovely lacy pattern. Add a mint ribbon and Le Voila! Sweetness tied with a bow ;)

Typed up Mr. & Mrs. on mint colored cardstock, and with the Silhouette studio program, centered my scallop over the Mr. & Mrs. and cut! Could it be any easier? Added a lacy doily cut out and layered it over the mint scallop, naturally, what would a project be without a little embossing? so out came my little embosser (Sizzix Embossing Boutique) and then glued it all together, four mint pearls finish it up nicely.

Printed up the sentiment 'Today's your special day, when you become man and wife, so we send you love and blessings for along and happy life' on matching mint colored paper, edged it with a scalloped white edging. I also glued mint paper over the three triangle cut outs so the design would stand out.

This is the card straight off the Silhouette cutting can do so much with this design ~ white on white would be wonderful too.

No matter what machine you have and love, it's fantastic having the ability to cut and do sooo much more...and easy is always a welcome in this crafting corner.

Hope you celebrating life wherever you may be, oooh it feels soooo good to be back in my little corner ;)

Chow for now, and thanks for stopping by.