Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Little Gift Box of Surprises

Lift the lid and discover all the treasures....

Thanks to the Crafter's Companion instructional DVD, I made this wonderful little box of goodies for someone special this Christmas. I actually made two of them and hope both little sisters enjoy their little piece of Nanny Donna's crafting.

Once opened up, it has lots of place for storing notes, cards a little photo album, journal and I added a daily planner that I had purchased at Michael's, also some gel pens and some glue which is not in the photos.

Hard to believe that all of this fits neatly into it's own case!

Room to journal, add pictures or use it as a smash book and fill it with ideas and drawings. Whatever their imagination can come up with....

In the two small front envelopes, I added some tab cards, added Velcro dots to secure the envelopes when closed.

This little album was made with envelopes, then embellished with matching card stock.

...and what would one of my projects be like without my faux stitching! I mean seriously!! I'm starting to think I have a thing for stitching ;)  

I really enjoyed making this little box of goodies, using my Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool, it always surprises me what can be accomplished without a lot of bells and whistles...although, I do love my bells and whistles ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and as always, I so enjoy hearing from you.


From Our Home To Yours...

Wishing One & All A Very Merry Christmas 

 would like
 to take this time
 to say Thank You
 for all who stop by and
 read my blog, check out
 what projects that I've been
 working on.  I love hearing from  each
 and everyone one of you. And in return, I also 
 love all that each and everything you share.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Twelve Month Envelope Mini Album

Pushing the envelope...

~enjoy the journey~ 
What can you make with a few envelopes, some recycled cardboard box, some pretty seasonal paper, and a little imagination? o.k., and add time to that!! A pretty album with a page with pull out tabs for each month of the year.

~ each pull out has a different season and theme, all pulled together in one album ~

A while back, I won a $10.00 gift certificate from The Memory Nest and picked Cards for all Season bundle ~ which gave me this idea for my album. In it, there were pretty paper with each season written on it and a lovely print to go along for that season...light bulb went on!! DCWV papers are soooo fun to work with.

Mmm, an album for 2014, an entire years journey in photographs, journaling, whatever your heart desires...setting goals? or perhaps just a cute way to keep track of a child's growth. What a keeper!!

The album cover is cut from a recycled cardboard box, covered in a heavier pale blue paper. Layering up with foam dimensional stickers adds depth. Looped a blue ribbon through the scalloped edges, added pearl flower in opposite corners along with baby pink pearls.

I had these 3D stickers in my stash for some time now, and the colors went very well with this little project, adding character and charm.

I thought the rubber boots were so cute! Couldn't leave them out of the picture ;)

Brrrr it's cold outside, and what is a Canadian winter without hockey? eh?

All girly in pink, lace and frills ~ and a touch of bling.
...Valentine's Day, all hearts and flowers?

Saint Patty's Day and Easter Chicks come marching in style!

 April Showers Brings May Flowers?

When the tabs are pulled out, you can see how a little album turns into a big page!

Lace punch edging and adding the black to make the pages pop.

Summer colors ~ ice cream and Popsicles!

... makes me think of the green grass, summer days in the sun.

Blue skies

School time ~ fall is in the air.

Pumpkins, bats, witches and hats!!

Sweater time, cooler weather time..

Ho Ho Ho
Now you can look back on an entire year 
and Celebrate!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
May Santa bring much to play
with in your craft room!
but most of all
peace and love.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your stay,


Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Rylan!

Chuga~Chuga Toot Toot!! All Aboard....

Our little grandson, Rylan turned 4 (two days before Popo's birthday) and he loves Thomas...a quick look and I found this pop up card from the Silhouette online store. Picked out the paper and the project started to fall together...although I just started to play with Spectrum Noir markers and well, I definitely need some practice!! I gave it a try to make the train look like Thomas and as soon as Rylan saw it he said 'Oh Nanny, it's Thomas!' so I guess I hit my mark ;)

Both trains were easy to cut out and put together, the Silhouette certainly cuts very clean and the card was easy to see where to fold and glue to make it pop.
..all I did was color with Spectrum Noir Markers, added a birthday candle sticker to make it look like the tracks for the train ~ a label, some twine, foam dimensional stickers under to give depth for the card to pop. To be honest, the coloring took me the longest and next would be the faux stitching I did on the outside of the card and box!

This is the front of the card which actually opens at the top so that when you turn the card around and open it up by letting the back flap fall down,  the pop up and the front of the card are upright. I did it this way so that it can sit open on a dresser or shelf.

Large swiss dot or what I call the 'lego' look embossing folder was used on the red card stock to bring it out and I used the smaller swiss dot for the white label.

 Faux stitching does take time but I love the look, just adds a little something to the cards...

Making boxes for these types of cards are so easy with the Crafter's Companion Boxer. Every time I make a card, I either make an envelope or box so I certainly get a lot of use of the Ultimate Tool from Crafter's Companion. It's a handy tool to have as you can make beautiful 3D projects, fun fold cards, envelopes, boxes and so much more ~ you can even emboss with it! I do love it and the CD's are very easy to follow with step by step instructions for all kinds of projects.

The card stock is from DCWV  The Celebration Stack, great colors, bright and fun. Works great with the Silhouette Cameo.

This is my Crafter's Companion ~ the ultimate tool! 
Rylan's smile said it all, and certainly made my day ~ Happy Birthday Rylan!
............... hugs and kisses from Nanny & Popo XOXO

Always looking forward to hearing from you and certainly would love to hear what makes your day? and what tool is your favorite for your craft?

Chow for now,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robbed By Insomnia

Yes, Nanny Donna has been robbed through the night by a sneaky culprit who broke into her life and has reeked havoc. Determined Insomnia has set up and stalked me for the past six months. First it was having trouble falling asleep, then staying asleep and now, wonderful as it may seem for teenagers to pull all nighters, it's not so cool at this age. Nope, not fun at all.

Insomnia has left me sleepy and cranky in the day time ;( and wound for sound at night. I'm thinking of attempting a little gymnastic, like doing a cartwheel, my thinking is along the idea of turning a baby end for end when it gets it's days and nights mixed up - I am not crazy, I do recall my grandmother talking about this!! or perhaps I am slowly going crazy...or maybe I am? I know, bad choice of words, but you have to know me to judge me.

I know, the word crazy is frowned upon but seriously ~ how long can a person go without sleep before they go around the bend?

Creativity got knocked out the door ~ kicked to the curb is more like it. I go into my nice craft room and sit there looking around and wondering what I should do next...but that would require a clear brain and energy ~ I have neither right now.

Oh well, cry me a river...there are sooo many people dealing with sleep deprivation and other health problems who am I to complain. This too shall pass...and Determined Insomnia I will kick your butt time.

So for all of you who are wondering what happened to Nanny Donna, she is sitting up at night knitting socks!! Lots and lots of socks!! Knit one, pearl one...and then ripping the sucker out because she went brain dead...and we start all over, cast on 42 sts, knit one pearl one...

Oh sleep come to mama, she is in need of some good, deep, wonderful sleep...any hints, tips or ideas on how to get back into a natural sleep pattern? Really, anything ...

One tired, frumpy Nanny Donna ~ and one tip for the day ~ don't try out an X~acto knife for the first time when you are sleep deprived...nope, not a good idea at all....leave the cutting to scissors or Silhouette, Cricut...not an X~acto knife...they hurt the fingers ;( Dhu...

zzzzless in Canada eh

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dreaming Of A White Christmas...and some computer sense would be nice too!

I'm dreaming of the day when my computer and I are not at odds with each other! Now that would be a lovely dream.

 Sometimes I have to just walk away and let on it's not bothering me at all that I've come to a road block with technology ~ a minor detour.... I will try one more time to download at least one pic of my Christmas card...
Tada! I did it...finally it downloaded! phew....
This stepper card was a breeze to make compared to the problem I had with uploading my pic! lol 

When I say this was a fast and easy Christmas card, it really was fast and easy. 

Have to say I love, love and love some more my Silhouette Cameo. It takes all the guess work out of making this type of card as all you do is chose the design and send it to your Silhouette to cut out. 

I chose a black design on off white cardstock from Michael's, a scrap piece of black cardstock passed through my little Texture Boutique Embosser using the swiss dot embossing folder and placed it behind the  Holly jolly Christmas 3D sticker so it would really stand out.

 Next I used some gold tape to place behind the white lace (purchased at Micheal's) and stapled it to the card!a couple of little silver rhinestones, two little red berries and Le Voila! Tout Finis ;) Now that my friend is what I call a quick, easy Christmas card. Yup, loving that Silhouette of mine, big time....almost as much a bling, man I do love my's hoping Santa reads my blog...wink, wink, nudge, now back to business....

For the longest time I did not use the card shapes, always cutting and figuring them out on my own to the point where I have made each card out of cardstock or paper and wrote down the finished size, the size of cardstock required , and all the measurements and instructions on the card itself for quick access.

 I also made up the corresponding envelopes for each card, envelop-box or box with their sizes and instructions written down....and crafting 100% housework 0    ;(     oopsies! My bad.

 Placed them on a ring and have them hanging on my pegboard for easy and quick references...BUT with the Cricut and the Silhouette, they both have cartridges/files that are amazing to work with. You select the size, cardstock and the rest is letting the machine do the work...then you have more time to play around with embellishing your card. Now that my friends is time well spent.

I must admit, I'm liking easy these days, yup, not bad at all.

Just wondering, do you ever have problems with downloading your images? Which programs do you use to play around with your pics? I love PicMonkey 

 Do you have a favorite card shape? or cardstock? I would love to hear from you, it's great hearing from other crafters.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoyed your stay, hope your having a funtastic day creating, 


ps Oh my, I just noticed my sticker is a little off, can't a girl get a break? lol Oh well, that I can straighten out but I am not touching the  pic in this blog...had way too much trouble getting it on and it's staying that Sorry...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.