Monday, May 12, 2014

Just a Quicky ;~)

The nice weather is here, strawberries are growing (among grass growing in my garden!) and it's time to plant our veggie garden. Can't wait to start digging and planting and then watching the fresh veggies grow...making my mouth water for the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green/yellow beans and oh my lovely strawberries. How I love them!

The rhubarb is coming along nicely and mom is patiently waiting for me to bring some over to her. The rhubarb came from our country home which was sold once dad the rhubarb tastes extra special.

I hope everyone celebrated a lovely mother's day yesterday ~ thanks to my hubby and children, grandchildren I had a great mother's day. It brought warm fuzzy feelings to my heart.

I have not been in my craft room of late, due to Mr. Arthur ~ he is not playing fair but then when does Arthritis play fair? lol My thumbs are not behaving, so it's rest time...for a while until Celebrex and whatever else it takes to make it behave, then back to playing. For now, I will keep browsing all your lovely work and look forward to working once again in my playroom ~ er, craft room ;~)

It is camping time, so that will help for sure!! lol Campfires, nature, nothing like it. Enjoy the sunshine!